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The CDC Lied To The American People In A Huge Way

The Center For Disease Control changed Covid-19 criteria in order to inflate the death toll and to secure funding, but just how much did they cook the books?



By now everyone knows that the CDC lied and that this ‘pandemic’ is more like a bad flu season than an actual health pandemic. We all know these bastards have been cooking the books. 

What I do not think any of us knew was just how much…….

According to reports, the CDC changed criteria that inflated the death-toll of the virus. In other words: if someone was shot in the head, but also had covid-19 the official cause of death was covid….

So, just how much did they cook the books and inflate the numbers? 

I’ll tell you, but make sure you don’t have any liquid in your mouth….wouldn’t want to spit up on the old desk now. 


10X. The CDC reportedly inflated the numbers by 10 times what they actually were in order to secure more funding because hey…..that’s what useless bureaucratic institutions do. 

Take a look:  

The Red State Observer had more on the story:

Somehow, hardly anyone in America is even aware that the CDC managed to get their initial $8 billion budget for 2020 increased by a factor of six to a whopping $46 billion by relentlessly honking the COVID-19 panic-horn. (H/t, RedState reader, Kurt Schulzke.)

Moreover, the flagrant accounting shenanigans the CDC used to generate their generous windfall are sitting there hiding in plain sight on their website so that—not just that New York Times reporter’s mentally defective brother-in-law—but even the reporter himself wouldn’t have had much trouble finding them had either bothered looking.

You see, in March of 2020, the CDC announced some changes to the way they wanted doctors to start filling out death certificates. And a few weeks later, the CDC issued some new diagnostic guidelines.

But these changes turned out to be very narrowly focused, indeed.

The didn’t affect how heart disease or cancer deaths were diagnosed or reported.

Nor did physicians need to change the way they report or diagnose the flu or any other manner of disease, accident, homicidal intention, act of God, or any other conceivable way that a human being can wind up meeting his maker any differently except for just one special ailment.

For some strange reason, the CDC decided that COVID-19 alone among all mortal perils was to get its own unique method of accounting devised especially for it.

The Washington Examiner had a related article; connect the dots anyone? 

As coronavirus cases surge nationwide, the flu has seen a remarkable dip. Reported cases of influenza reached record lows last week, with fewer than 40 diagnoses recorded during Dec. 13-19.

In week 51 of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "FluView" data monitoring system, 36 positive flu tests were documented. This marks a steep decrease from last year's total of 7,703 cases during the same time frame. The positivity rate has sharply declined this calendar year as only 0.10% of tests taken this year came back positive. The five-year average is 15.80% positive.

The data comes in defiance of the "twindemic" concerns perpetuated by medical experts, or the idea that the raging coronavirus pandemic and the seasonal increase in reported flu cases would converge with catastrophic results. Dr. Brian Garibaldi, the medical director of Johns Hopkins University’s Biocontainment Unit, told the Washington Examiner that “we have to be concerned about the possibility of having a surge in flu at the same time as we're seeing a surge in COVID.”


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