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Why H.R.1 – For the People Act of 2021, Means Election Fraud Forever…..Welcome To The Banana Republic

Democrats have introduced a bill which aims to permanently cement election fraud as a cornerstone of our voting system.




Neither am I. 

We just had four great years of one of the best Presidents in United States history. 

The thing about four year transitions is that people remember the previous four years pretty clearly, and the new administration will be in heavy contrast to the last.

In other words…..The corruption is on display for everyone to see. 

These democrats stole an election, had a fake inauguration with no one present, sold out the country to China, and now want to cement their election fraud tactics all in the span of 2 months. 

H.R.1 also known as “For The People Act 2021” is one of the most corrupt things ever introduced into American law. 

The whole point of the bill? 

99.9% Fine Silver MAGA Collector Coins!

To destroy the integrity of American elections forever. 

Take a look:  

100 Percent Fed Up had more: 

Fresh off the biggest illegitimate banana republic fraud in the history of Western elections, Democrats now seek to ensure that all future elections in perpetuity are defined by more fraud than ever before.

Many people refuse to believe the 2020 election was stolen.  They voted against President Trump because they don’t like his language choices or his ‘unpolished’ demeanor.  To those people, please take a moment to gain some perspective.  What is worse?  A man who speaks about people and politics in a way you do not like, or a cabal of politicians who speak calmly with forked tongues to create massive bills that seek to destroy any kind of political dissent and the entire Constitutional election process?

Democrats have introduced a bill, H.R.1 – For the People Act of 2021, with at least 15 constitution-busting revolutionary provisions to turn America and its entire election process into nothing more than a veneer for ballot stuffing, fraud digitization, and big-government globalism.  This Biden bill is sure to put Hugo Chavez and every third world despot and communist to shame.

Populist Press came through with this: 

Democrats introduce their first bill in the House: H.R.1 – The bill that will destroy America. Nationwide mail-in voting, banning restrictions on ballot harvesting, banning voter ID, criminal voters,DC Statehood roadwork, it’s all in here.

1) Internet-only registration with electronic signature submission.

“(a) Requiring Availability Of Internet For Online Registration.—Each State, acting through the chief State election official, shall ensure that the following services are available to the public at any time on the official public websites of the appropriate State and local election officials in the State, in the same manner and subject to the same terms and conditions as the services provided by voter registration agencies under section 7(a):

“(1) Online application for voter registration.

2) Banning the requirement to provide a full SSN for voter registration.

SEC. 1005. PROHIBITING STATE FROM REQUIRING APPLICANTS TO PROVIDE MORE THAN LAST 4 DIGITS OF SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. (a) Form Included With Application For Motor Vehicle Driver’s License.—Section 5(c)(2)(B)(ii) of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (52 U.S.C. 20504(c)(2)(B)(ii)) is amended by striking the semicolon at the end and inserting the following: “, and to the extent that the application requires the applicant to provide a Social Security number, may not require the applicant to provide more than the last 4 digits of such number;”.

3) Nationwide ‘Motor Voter’ registration.

Note that motor voter registration is how thousands of illegal became registered voters in California and Nevada.

(2) DEFINITION.—The term “automatic registration” means a system that registers an individual to vote in elections for Federal office in a State, if eligible, by electronically transferring the information necessary for registration from government agencies to election officials of the State so that, unless the individual affirmatively declines to be registered, the individual will be registered to vote in such elections.


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