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Jonathan Cahn’s Inauguration Warning For Joe Biden


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Anyone else love Jonathan Cahn?

I thought so.

The man speaks so plainly, so clearly….and with such power that it’s hard to ignore him when he speaks.

At least, the wise thing to do would be to listen to him.

Not sure Joe Biden will do that, but he would be wise to listen while he still has the chance.

Because as Cahn says, one day not too far in the future, everything will be stripped away….all the yes-men, all the aides, all the people helping him perpetrate all the frauds (ahhhhhhhlegedly!), and he will simply stand alone in front of the King of all Kings.

It’s at that point that Cahn says it will go very badly for Joe.

But that’s just my rough paraphrase.

You need to listen to Jonathan Cahn say it in only the way he can.


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