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Hank Kunneman: A Divine Interruption Is Coming!


Earlier today I brought you an article that gave a lot more history on Hank Kunneman and his Trump prophecies than many of you probably know.

For example, that he has had this message since 2001….not just the last year.

You can read that whole thing here.

And with that in mind, I want to bring you his most current messages from today (Sunday).

First is a short clip but very powerful, where Hank makes very clear the LORD has not released him to move on from this message.

He is standing strong on the message he was given and not backing off the message that Trump will indeed have a second term.

Sound impossible?

Well, that’s one of the major themes in the Bible is that the miracle comes at the moment when it looks absolutely impossible.

Listen to this message where Pastor Hank explains a “divine interruption” is coming and why the recent interruption was a signal of what is to come:

And if you want more, then check out his full message from the 9:00am service.

This is awesome stuff.

I especially like what he said near the end when he said be careful where you get your information.

He took particular aim at all these people suddenly on YouTube who claim they have a “friend high up in the military” or some “big connection” and they’ve got all this top secret information.

I’ve been saying for weeks to stop listening to that garbage!

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If they have someone actually telling them that stuff, the person they are hearing from should be fired on the spot and probably isn’t worth much in the first place.

More likely, it’s just someone with an overactive imagination telling you what your ears WANT to hear.

And yes, I’m taking direct aim at the self-professed Illuminati member and guy who thinks his mother created him by having sex with an alien….Simon Parkes.

Stop listening to that loser!

But Hank says it much better than I can, so please watch this full message:


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