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FL Lawmaker Proposes Naming Highway After President Trump, Liberals React


Now that President Donald Trump has left office, many Americans are looking for ways to honor the 45th President of the United States for his leadership.

One Florida lawmaker has his own idea for honoring President Trump.

On Friday, Anthony Sabatini tweeted support to sponsor an amendment which would rename U.S Highway 27 to “President Donald J. Trump Highway.”

That sounds like a fantastic idea.

However, some democrats apparently loathe the thought of naming so much as a bench after the former president. 

Our friends at Breitbart have the story:

Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-D32) announced on Tuesday that he is “sponsoring an amendment to rename U.S. Highway 27 as the ‘President Donald J. Trump Highway.’”

As you can see in the tweet, Highway 27 is a major north-south artery that runs through the middle of the entire state, some 500 miles. I love Florida. I lived there for nine months in the eighties… Haven’t been back since. Warrants. But I’m sure it’s still great.

Portions of Highway 27 are already named after politicians, the Claude Pepper Memorial Highway, etc., but it looks like Sabatini wants to name the whole thing for Trump, which is a great idea.

We already know that the long history of naming federal property — schools, roads, buildings, airports — after former presidents is not going to happen for Trump, at least not anytime soon. Pretty much everyone in the D.C. Swamp hates the guy.

Hell, Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) is looking to pass legislation that would make it illegal — illegal! — to name any government property — local, state, federal — after Trump, which is exactly what you would expect from a fascist from California like Sanchez

“I am working on a bill that would mean that nothing — not even a bench, no airport, no highway, no school — nothing – ever bear the name of this traitor,” she screeched to People, a magazine that is such a failure we receive a free subscription we didn’t ask for that immediately goes into the trash.

Democrats are furious over even the idea of naming the highway after President Trump.

They have vowed that "not even a bench" will bear his name.

The Washington Post has more on the triggered democrats:

As Trump leaves office, the debate over Sabatini’s plan isn’t likely to be the last about what public facilities, if any, should be named in his honor. Will students one day start first grade at Donald J. Trump Elementary School? Will you be able to go birdwatching at the Donald J. Trump National Wildlife Refuge? Pay your traffic tickets at the Donald J. Trump Courthouse?

After a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, leading to Trump’s second impeachment, that prospect has become even more fraught. In the wake of the attacks, both Democratic Reps. Joaquin Castro (Tex.) and Linda T. Sánchez (Calif.) announced plans to introduce legislation banning federal property from ever being named in Trump’s honor. Sanchez went so far as to tell People magazine that “not even a bench” should “ever bear the name of this traitor.”

“Donald Trump should never become a future generation’s confederate symbol,” Castro tweeted, referencing the ongoing movement to remove the names of white supremacists, enslavers and defenders of the Confederacy from public spaces.

As the Architect’s Newspaper reported, such a ban would be unprecedented. After former president Bill Clinton was impeached, he still got a federal office complex named after him. And former president Richard Nixon, who offers perhaps the closest parallel to Trump, managed to get two elementary schools named after him before he resigned in disgrace. “Efforts come up once in a while to change the name, but nothing has gained momentum,” Carol Cherry, a teacher at Nixon Elementary School in Landing, N.J., told Time in 2016.

Between Trump’s hotels, golf clubs and casinos, there’s no shortage of buildings bearing his name. There’s even a planned Israeli settlement named for him in the contested Golan Heights, and a square honoring him in Jerusalem. One Albanian city has a Donald J. Trump Boulevard. And Kalispell, Mont., is home to Trump Drive, which sits just north of Carnegie Drive and Vanderbilt Drive off Empire Loop.

Democrats simply can't let go of their hatred for President Trump, even after they got their wish...

Trump Derangement Syndrome is still more contagious then ever!


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