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Ben Carson to Americans: “Pay Attention to What’s Going On” with Biden’s Policies

Carson warns of the stark differences between the two dominant philosophies of America.


Joe Biden is systematically destroying 4 years of “America First” policies by implementing the democrats’ radical agenda.

Ben Carson, the former Housing and Development Secretary, is urging all Americans to pay close atention to everything that is happening under this new administration. 

Carson pointed out that there are two very distinct philosophies for how the country should be run.

While one half of the country believes the government should be given full power to “take care” of citizens, the other believes in the individual freedom to live their lives the way they see fit.

Right now, the Biden administration is trying to move the county towards a government run “utopia.”

Here's more from the Newsmax interview with Ben Carson:

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson told Newsmax TV he implores Americans to do one thing now that a new administration has begun its work.

"Pay attention to what's going on," Carson told host Grant Stinchfield on Friday’s ''Stinchfield.'' "Remember what's happened over the last four years. How the economy just skyrocketed because of the policies, removing all of those regulations, letting people spend their own money, determine their own way.

"Those are the things that had a very, very rapid ameliorating effect on America."

Carson, the retired neurosurgeon turned 2016 presidential candidate, tweeted his thanks to former President Donald Trump on Wednesday for allowing him to serve in the administration.

Just two days later, Carson was asked how it felt to see much of the Trump administration's work being undone by Biden's executive orders.

Carson: "Pay Attention to What's Going on"

Ben Carson shared his own thoughts on the last four years of accomplishments

As for Joe Biden, his radical agenda is already in full force, threatening to set America back several years.

His policies aim to make millions of Americans more dependant on the government, rather than less.

Biden plans to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, push heavy mask mandates, pause student loan debts, and allow illegal immigrants an easy pathway to citizenship

Fox 8 with more on Biden's agenda:

On Wednesday, following his inauguration, Biden will end Trump’s restriction on immigration to the U.S. from some Muslim-majority countries, move to rejoin the Paris climate accord and mandate mask-wearing on federal property and during interstate travel. Those are among roughly a dozen actions Biden will take on his first day in the White House, his incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain, said in a memo to senior staff.

Other actions include extending the pause on student loan payments and actions meant to prevent evictions and foreclosures for those struggling during the pandemic.

“These executive actions will deliver relief to the millions of Americans that are struggling in the face of these crises,” Klain said in the memo. “President-elect Biden will take action — not just to reverse the gravest damages of the Trump administration — but also to start moving our country forward.”

“Full achievement” of Biden’s goals will require Congress to act, Klain wrote, including the $1.9 trillion virus relief bill he outlined on Thursday. Klain said that Biden would also propose a comprehensive immigration reform bill to lawmakers on his first day in office.

Providing a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally will be part of Biden’s agenda, according to people briefed on his plans. Ali Noorani, president of the National Immigration Forum and among those briefed, said immigrants would be put on an eight-year path. There would be a faster track for those in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which shields people from deportation who came to the U.S. as children, and for those from strife-torn countries with temporary status.

While Joe Biden pushes this radical agenda, pay attention.

Pay attention to the fact that Joe Biden is a liar.

Pay attention to the fact that Biden never had a plan for the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden recently said there's "nothing we can do" to change the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic, despite imploring Americans that he had a plan.

Pay attention.


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