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Chuck Schumer: Donald Trump Incited An Erection!


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One word:  😳

I’ll tell you what, my life was going great until I had to hear Chuck Schumer talk about “inciting an erection” on the Senate floor, but then today happened.

Just watch it for yourself:

And because this will almost certainly, without doubt, be scrubbed from Twitter any minute now, I made a backup.

Chuckie, you will live forever in infamy on Rumble.


And of course the genius patriots immediately took action.

Here’s one of my favorite edits:

Was it a slip of the tongue?


But then again in the Bible there are many times where God ties the tongues of devils.

Are we starting to see that happen here?

Or perhaps he was just speaking accurately, if a little graphically?

America loves Trump, and even Schumer knows it!

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Now I would never say he “incited an erection” but I guess there are worse things! 😂

Here are more genius comments from patriots online:

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