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CASTLE ROCK: New Theory Says Biden Is On Movie Set, Not In White House


Whoa buddy…..

I’m just going to say right off the bat I don’t have any evidence to confirm or deny this story.

But it is being posted about by many users online and it’s absolutely fascinating.

So as I so often say around here, “I report, you decide”.

A famous Q post contained the reference “Castle Rock” as a step in the plan after the Inauguration.

Multiple theories have been floated about what that means, but a new theory is it refers to Castle Rock Entertainment, and it means Joe Biden is not at all in the White House but on a movie set.

Again, I am not confirming this to be true, just reporting.

Here are some of the pictures people posting are using to make the connection.

Take a look:


Zoom in here:


My friend Daniel has more details….

Watch here:

Your thoughts?

Comment below…..

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