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History Repeating? Germany to Put COVID Deniers, Rule-Breakers in “Detention Camps”


What could possibly go wrong?

Germany is poised to put COVID-19 rule breakers and dissidents into a “detention camp.”

The camp is located in Dresden. It is currently unclear whether more detention camps will be set-up.

The goal of the detention camps is to increase compliance for COVID-19 regulations.

Of course, the last time Germany put people in detention camps, the outcome was tragic…

Remember, all of this hysteria is for a virus that has a 99 percent survival rate.


Politicians and government officials in Germany think it’s safer to put people who break rules (such as refusing to take a COVID test) will be put in a detention center.

They are also being called “quarantine facilities.”

Zero Hedge has more details:

Germany is set to put COVID dissidents who repeatedly fail to properly follow the rules in what is being described as a ‘detention camp’ located in Dresden.

Yes really.

In order to try to increase compliance, violators are told that if they receive both a warning and then a fine, a court will decide whether they should be punished with a stint in the camp.

“We don’t assume that there will be very many, but in the event that a court decides that way, there will be a facility to accommodate them,” a spokesperson told RT.

Camps. For dissidents. In Germany.

What could possibly go wrong?

As we previously highlighted, last year authorities in New Zealand said that they will put all new coronavirus infectees and their close family members in “quarantine facilities.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made it clear that anyone in the quarantine facility who refused to take a coronavirus test would simply be held there for at least 14 days.

Earlier this month, a lawmaker in New York also introduced a bill that would give the government the power to remove and detain “disease carriers” in quarantine facilities.

Hopefully this sort of government overreach stays in Germany.

We can’t allow this type of control and zealousness to come to the United States!

It appears Germany is inspiring other countries to do the same.

Australia is considering building what they are calling “quarantine stations.”

Australia’s ABC Net reports:

With yet another cluster of people in hotel quarantine this week testing positive for COVID-19 — this time triggering a mass evacuation of Brisbane’s Hotel Grand Chancellor — epidemiologists are calling on the Government to urgently establish more purpose-built quarantine stations like the Northern Territory’s Howard Springs, pointing to features like its well-spaced rooms, fresh air and staffing arrangements as a crucial line of defence against outbreaks.

For months experts have been warning of the difficulties with hotel quarantine programs, with some arguing returning travellers should not be triaged in cities because of the risk of the virus escaping, as it has done in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and, most catastrophically, Victoria.

Now, with caps on international arrivals to many states slashed in half until at least mid-February, concern is growing over the threat of the significantly more contagious variant of coronavirus, which has been pummelling the UK and spreading rapidly around the world.

“The new variant is a game-changer,” said Melbourne University epidemiologist Tony Blakely, “because it means that if it leaks out of quarantine, we’re going to need to hit it much harder — a la what Brisbane did with their immediate three-day hard lockdown.” A breakout now, he said, “could easily overtake us unless we’re finding it very fast. That’s the risk.”

For that reason Australia’s quarantine outfits must swiftly be reviewed and if necessary improved, Professor Blakely said, ideally by an independent agency: “We do not actually know what is happening in quarantine around Australia.”

In the interim, he said, if the Government’s aim is to eventually increase the number of international arrivals, “Using more ‘Howards’ rather than more hotels would be a very sensible strategy, if we can find those Howard Springs-like facilities to use.”

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It’s been dubbed the “gold standard” of quarantine facilities in Australia: an old mining camp of Colorbond-clad buildings, huddled together in tree lined compounds, about 25 kilometres south-east of Darwin.

The former workers’ village has this week been preparing for an influx of travellers returning from overseas after the Australian and Northern Territory governments agreed to “scale up” capacity at the quarantine centre from 500 to 850 people per fortnight.

“While the rest of the country understandably needs to reduce the number of international arrivals they bring in, we can safely and responsibly increase our numbers because we are the safest place in Australia, the best quarantine facility,” NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said. “We are stepping up, we are doing heavy lifting, not just for the territory but for the nation.”

Some other leaders already appear to be taking notes on the Howard Springs approach, with Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Thursday announcing her government was considering quarantining international travellers in mining camps.

If detention camps and quarantine camps become the norm in other countries, it’s only a matter of time before big government Democrats attempt to bring those practices here.

Keep an eye out; stay safe!


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