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New Evidence Emerges: Capitol Police Officer Did Not Die From Fire Extinguisher

Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick who died following the January 6th protests was reported to have a medical condition which contributed to his death.


The MSM lies just wont stop.

The tragic death of Brian Sicknick was not a result of blunt-force trauma from being hit with a fire extinguisher. There is no evidence for this; Sicknick had a medical condition. 

So why are mainstream media outlets telling a different story? 

I think it is because they are trying to outrage Trump supporters who are pro Blue Lives Matter. My advice? Do not fall for it. 

Officer Sicknick was a Trump supporter who unfortunately had an underlying condition. 

Here are the latest reports: 

National File had more on the story: 

The U.S. Capitol police officer who died following the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion is believed to have suffered from a pre-existing medical condition that contributed to his death. 

This fact complicates the mainstream media’s narrative, which seeks to pin the officer’s death on supposedly violent pro-Trump protesters. The media is trying to forge resentment against Trump and conservative activists in the eyes of Middle America, using the fallen officer as a cause celebre. But even the officer’s family is pleading with the public not to politicize his death as narrative-busting details emerge.

Brian Sicknick was reportedly “injured” during the Capitol protest and media and activists ran with the story that Trump protesters hit him with a fire extinguisher. But Propublica reported that Sicknick told his brother he was merely pepper-sprayed. Where did the fire extinguisher story come from? ProPublica also noted Sicknick’s blood clot and stroke and use of a ventilator, according to Western Journal.

The Western Journal had more: 

The family of Capitol Police Office Brian Sicknick is begging that his death not become a political ping-pong ball as authorities seek to learn more about why Sicknick, a casualty of Wednesday’s Capitol incursion, died Thursday at the age of 42.

To date, no official description of the attack on Sicknick has been given.

A report in The New York Times that cites “two law enforcement officials” the Times did not name, said Sicknick was hit on the head with a fire extinguisher during Wednesday’s rioting at the U.S. Capitol.

The website ProPublica offered a different explanation.

It quoted Ken Sicknick, whom the site identified as the late officer’s brother, as saying that Brian Sicknick had communicated with his family and never mentioned a fire extinguisher attack.


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