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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Caught On Camera Explaining Plan To Shut Down Trump…and Then YOU!


Project Veritas is doing some incredible work!

Before we even get into the video, does this man look “right” to you?

The eyes?

The disheveled appearance?

He looks like all of his humanity has been stripped out of him.

Like just a vacant shell.

“Vacant” is really the best word I can find to describe what I see when I look at him.

How about you?

Oh, other than “tyrant”….that’s another good one.

This many thinks he has the right to determine what can and can’t be said.

Sorry bud, we have a little thing called FREE SPEECH here in America and we’re getting real sick and tired of a few Technocrat Tyrants trying to control everything that happens in America.

Let’s also be clear that President Trump never once “incited violence”.

That’s as Fake of News as the whole “Russia Collusion” story was.

It’s not even a good lie, it’s so clearly wrong and demonstrably false.

But thanks to Project Veritas, we know what Jack REALLY thinks of you and his plan to censor us all.

Listen as he talks about how their focus is on “one account” right now…..but then it will expand much more than that and continue much longer than the election.

In other words, we’re going to censor the leader first and then we’re gonna go after EVERY SINGLE PERSON that does not agree with the Far-Left agenda.


Watch for yourself:

And here:

And if those get deleted off Twitter which I expect they no doubt WILL, we have a backup.

From Bitchute:


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