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Here’s Where You Can Find Chris Yoon After YouTube Blocked Him!


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I’ve recently started covering Chris Yoon’s videos on YouTube and sure enough after covering a couple YouTube has now decided he’s too dangerous!

That’s right, speaking about God and prophecy and the election is WAY too dangerous.

And they’re probably right….it is dangerous to the wicked!

But I loved his videos and I know you did too because a ton of you emailed me asking how you could find more.

And then a ton more emailed me after YouTube blocked him today.

But I have good news!

He’s now on Rumble, and I’ve got the links for you.

Here was the message he posted today:

You can find his channel here:  https://rumble.com/user/chrisyoon

And here is his latest video, the one that was DELETED from YouTube.

Must mean it’s good and full of truth.


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