Lin Wood Returns! Are We Going To See ACTION? Did Mike Pence Commit Treason?


It’s been hard to keep up with Lin Wood recently after he was booted from Twitter and then Parler shut down.

He is reportedly on “Cloudhub” but I’ve tried to load that site and it’s so overwhelmed with traffic I’ve never got past the home page.

So if he’s on there, I don’t know what he’s been saying.

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And on other social media, spammers have created so many fake Lin Wood profiles it’s hard to trust any of them.

But this is real.

This is his official podcast interview on Rumble from the Thrivetime Show.

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Per the show notes:

Attorney Lin Wood joins to share proof that we are at war with China, when we are going to see some ACTION, why he believes VP Mike Pence committed treason + Michelle Moore Winder shares the 100% irrefutable evidence of the Italian interference with the U.S. election.

Please enjoy this one:

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