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Is Government Controlled Media Coming Soon?

University professors are urging Biden to create a commission of 'trusted' media sources to counter 'misinformation,' and further censor conservative free speech.


“Left-Wing ideology cannot exist without controlled speech”-Dennis Prager. 

I may not agree with anything you have to say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. 

It’s sad that our fellow Americans working inside the largest Marxist training camps in the world (universities) do not share that view. 

Many college professors are now urging Biden to start a ‘misinformation commission’ to essentially destroy our freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. 

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Take a look: 

The Federalist had this to report: 

A pair of Duke University professors are calling on President-elect Joe Biden to establish a bipartisan commission to address fake news.

The commission, said professors Philip Napoli and Bill Adair, who also helped launch PolitiFact, would investigate the rise of fake news and propose recommendations to a Democratic White House and Congress to cement the corporate media and big tech’s monopoly on truth.

“The attack on the Capitol was rooted in misinformation,” the professors explained in an op-ed for The Hill, capitalizing on the siege to warrant the commission. “By moving swiftly to establish a commission with a broad mission and a diverse membership, President-elect Biden can seize the moment to address one of the greatest problems facing the nation.” In other words, let no crisis go to waste.

The Red State Observer had more: 

In an op-ed published by The Hill, titled Misinformation fueled the Capitol riots — a Biden commission could chart a path forward, public policy instructors Bill Adair and Philip Napoli argued that the storming of the Capitol proved the need for a government panel to decide which speech should be permitted — and which speech should not. Think about that.

They wrote, in part:

“Last week’s attack on the U.S. Capitol was based on lies. The mob that stormed the building was acting on a tidal wave of misinformation about the election that was spread by the president, his fellow Republicans, and their supporters using a web of partisan media outlets, social media, and the dark corners of the internet.”

“The dark corners of the internet.” Sure, okay.

“The lies flourished despite an extraordinary amount of debunking by fact-checkers and Washington journalists. But that fact-checking didn’t persuade the mob that stormed the Capitol — nor did it dissuade millions of other supporters of the president. Fed a steady diet of repetitive falsehoods by elected officials and partisan outlets, they believed the lies so much that they were driven to violence.”


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