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ANTIFA and BLM Openly Mocking Ashli Babbitt: “She Got What She Deserved”


“Sick people.”

Those are the exact words that President Trump has sometimes used to describe far left extremists.

“These are sick people.”

And as usual, President Trump is right.

Ashli Babbitt was a veteran, mother, and Trump supporter who was present at the Capitol Hill protest.

She was unarmed.

And she was shot by police and immediately died on the spot.

Instead of telling people to “Say her name,” it appears that ANTIFA and BLM members are MOCKING Ashli Babbitt.

There are others claiming that she got what she deserved.

See some of the disgusting examples below:

Instead of mourning Ashli Babbitt, the media appears to be politicizing her death.

Some appear to be claiming that right wing groups will be using her as a recruiting tool.

However, we could not verify this with our research.

According to Time:

This was Ashli Babbitt’s crowd.

“We are walking to the Capitol in a mob. There’s an estimated over three million people here today,” the 35-year-old Californian announced to the viewers watching her video stream, narrating her journey along Pennsylvania Avenue on Jan. 6 with a group intent on stopping the certification of Joe Biden’s election. Babbitt wore a Trump flag as a cape. All around her, the slogans and chants seemed to have jumped the digital divide, echoing the Twitter feeds she prolifically shared. Babbitt sounded giddy about seeing the President speak in person that morning. “There is a sea of nothing but red, white and blue patriots for Trump,” she told viewers. “God bless America, patriots.”

Less than two hours later, Babbitt was fatally shot in the neck by Capitol Police as she tried to climb through a broken window into the Speaker’s Lobby, a chamber off the House of Representatives where lawmakers were sheltering from the angry throngs forcing their way into the building.

Her death was part of the grim toll of a riot that left five people dead, including a Capitol Police officer, vandalized the seat of American democracy and left the nation shaken. But the insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol with Babbitt—climbing on scaffolding, smashing windows, looting offices and posing for selfies as they romped through the building for nearly three hours—were far from chastened by the deadly cost. On pro-Trump forums and messaging apps, there was jubilation: “The 6th was a day to be proud of!” read one post on a pro-Trump board. “The most patriotic thing I ever witnessed,” wrote another. “This is only the beginning. Trump was the fuse, we are the bomb.”

The rampage at the Capitol was a demonstration of power that far-right extremists intend to wield as a recruiting tool, according to interviews with nine former U.S. security officials and experts who study right-wing extremism. “What happened Wednesday will provide source material for years and years of propaganda they’ll use in hopes of recruiting new individuals and inspiring further action,” says Jared Holt, who tracks far-right extremist groups at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab.

One of the keys to that propaganda, experts say, will be its new martyr: a young, white, 14-year Air Force veteran who liked to post photos in red MAGA hats and We Are Q shirts. Babbitt, who ran a pool-supply company with her husband in San Diego, was an avid Trump supporter who prolifically retweeted conspiracy theories and posted angry videos directed at lawmakers.

Regardless of what Babbitt believed in life, in death she has become a symbol both for causes she fervently embraced and some she likely never even heard of. On pro-Trump message boards, apps like Parler, and even more explicitly extremist corners of the Internet, she has been hailed since the riot as a “freedom fighter,” the “first victim of the second Civil War,” a patriot who was sacrificed in an imagined revolution. “The beautiful young woman who was executed will be remembered as a martyr,” one user wrote on a pro-Trump board. Another post was titled “Innocent girl – only wanted free and fair elections.” One poster vowed, “Your blood will not be in vain. We will avenge you.”

Babbitt’s emergence as a martyr for many of the different groups that made up the pro-Trump mob is no surprise. White women’s deaths have long been leveraged for propaganda, from the 19th century Klu Klux Klan to the militia movements of the 1990s to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, which often invoked their killing at the hands of undocumented immigrants.

Can you imagine if the media covered any of the BLM “martyrs” like this?

No wonder so many radical liberals are disgustingly claiming that she got what she deserved!

And instead of reporting objectively and fairly on concerns about election fraud, the media appeared to paint Babbitt as a conspiracy theorist.

Keep in mind…

Babbitt was a veteran.

She faithfully served and protected our country.

Yet the media wasted no time in twisting her character.

The New York Times tied Babbitt to QAnon:

Ashli Babbitt had been preparing for this day, the day when world events would turn her way. When a discouraged friend on Twitter asked last week, “When do we start winning?” Ms. Babbitt had an answer: “Jan 6, 2021.”

Her name will now be connected to that date, and to shaky footage showing a crowd of rioters smashing glass on the door leading to the Speaker’s Lobby of the Capitol.

At the front of that crowd is the small figure of Ms. Babbitt, wearing snow boots, jeans, and a Trump flag wrapped around her neck like a cape.

“Go! Go!” she shouts, and then two men hoist her up to the rim of a broken window. As she sticks her head through the frame, a Capitol Police officer in plain clothes fires a shot, and she falls back into the crowd. Blood starts pouring from her mouth.

A day after Ms. Babbitt’s death, as part of a mob storming the Capitol amid counting of Electoral College votes, a portrait of her is taking shape.

Ms. Babbitt had left the Air Force after two wars and 14 years, settling near the working-class San Diego suburb where she was raised. Life after the military was not easy. After briefly working security at a nuclear power plant, she was struggling to keep a pool-supply company afloat.

As a civilian, she found herself newly free to express her political views. Her social media feed was a torrent of messages celebrating President Trump; QAnon conspiracy theories; and tirades against immigration, drugs and Democratic leaders in California.

“You guys refuse, refuse to choose America over your stupid political party, I am so tired of it,” she said in a video message posted on Twitter, addressing California politicians. “You can consider yourself put on notice. Me and the American people. I am so tired of it, I am woke, man, this is absolutely unbelievable.”

If criminals shot by the police were reported on accurately, would they be turned into BLM heroes?

Probably not.

As the legacy of Babbitt continues to be disparaged and destroyed, expect more crazy liberals to mock her.

And be forewarned.

This is a preview of how they will attempt to de-humanize all Trump supporters!


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