Rumors Swirling That White Hats Seized Key Evidence In Capitol Raid: “We’re NOT here to be ANTIFA!”


You know the reports of several heavily armed people at the Capitol?

I don’t think they were regular MAGA folks.

And I don’t think they were ANTIFA.

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According to new reports, they were Special Ops on a mission to seize key evidence.

Here’s the latest report with video and audio:  “We’re NOT here to be ANTIFA”.

Watch the full thing on Rumble:

Look at the red arrows I added.

These look like SpecOps.

The guy in the red hat looks like ANTIFA dressed up as MAGA.

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As General McInerny says, there were multiple things going on that day all at once.

Here’s what he had to say….

From Rumble:

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