Video Shows Trump Supporters Trying to Stop Rioters From Breaking into Capital Building

Did Antifa infiltrate the Trump rally? New video shows Trump supporters pulling a man wearing riot gear away from the Capital after the man began breaking glass.


There have been several claims that Antifa infiltrated the Trump rally Wednesday night and were actually to blame for the riot that broke out.

Many of these claims have been unsubstantiated.

However, a new video shows a man in black riot gear breaking the glass of the Capital building.

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The back of the man’s helmet does have “MAGA” printed on it, but many are questioning whether or not the man was a plant.

Also in the video, a woman can be heard screaming “Antifa” several times as the man breaks the glass.

A man in a MAGA hat then comes in and drags the agitator away from the building before several more people jump in.

A second video shows a different Trump supporter verbally accosting a man in all black, though it's unclear if it's the same man or another agitator.

The same woman from before can be heard shouting: 

"No Antifa!"

She then yells out:

"They're breaking the window!"

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Matt Gaetz spoke to the possibility that Antifa members had infiltrated the event.

While many news networks have called this story false, there certainly are some unanswered questions given many strange videos from the "siege."

Police didn't really seem to try and stop anyone from entering these gates.

Check out this "brave" police officer:

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