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Hunter Biden’s Diary Was Found On His Laptop, The Contents Are Disgusting

The Hunter Biden laptop, has some pretty revealing details about the mind of it's owner. Sources claim his personal diary found on the laptop is sexually deviant.


Are these the people you want in the white house? 

The Hunter Biden laptop contains more than evidence detailing corruption, and shady overseas dealings. 

Apparently, Hunter had some doubts about his manhood; doubts so strong that he had to create lengthy diary entries about them. 

He did not stop there: Hunter went on to write about sexual abuse between a 28 year old man and a 12 year old girl…..

The apple does not really fall far from the tree; Hunter clearly has some issues, and there have been many allegations of sexual misconduct by his father Joe Biden. 

Take a look:

David Harris Jr had more: 

Do you know what the best source of evidence is> It’s not letters. It’s not email. It’s not even texting. It is called a diary. The reason for that is because a person is writing for their own benefit. They don’t expect anyone to ever see it. Therefore they don’t bother filtering it for the other party. In Hunter Biden’s case, the diary is indeed a great source of evidence into his soul.

He is a drug addict who doesn’t need to be worried about money since he has made a fortune off foreign countries when his daddy was vice president. He seems to be a sex-crazed loony as well as being a drug addict. One or the other would be bad enough but combine the two and you really have someone who is totally messed up.

The Illustrated Primer had the details and contents of Hunter's diary: 

Here are a few examples:

In an entry date to 07/12/2018, Hunter writes about his father abandoning Beau at the hospital shortly after he had his stroke. He references a related conversation that he had with Hallie (his brother’s wife (with whom he was sleeping when his brother was still alive):

She (Hallie) used to tell the story of how when Beau had his stroke and Pop couldn’t deal and she didn’t want to decide a lone she told me she turned to me because that’s what Beau would have wanted.  I told that story to someone I think Rob’s friends in the Hamptons and when I finished the story and said “and when she told me that I knew I would love her forever” she said to the group- “actually the reason I turned to you was because there was no one else right there and Pop was totally out of it…”

In another entry he writes about sexual abuse in the Biden family, detailing a relationship between a 12 year old girl and a 28 year old man.

“… I believe from what I know that she (Hallie) was taken advantage of early in her life.  I think the way she handled that experience that a 28 man subjected a 12 year old to is to take back her power and tell the story as a seduction on here part.  She wasn’t t taken advantage of in her mind she was the seducer she was the little girl who had a special secret power over men. And it wasn’t wrong because it was exciting and it was dangerous and it was all hers and no one else had any access to that part of her because she loved being the opposite of you.  She said nothing told no one and while you needed the attention she knew that yours was nothing compared to the attention she could draw out of any man she set her eyes on.  Kermit would have never noticed Hallie if Hallie hadn’t wanted to prove to herself that she was more beautiful and desired than Jen Knox and Devon.

In another entry discussing his fixation with the size of his penis he wrote:

… she (Hallie) started to tear down my already fragile ego. “I only remember the big penises and the really small ones I cant tell the difference between all the average ones.”  I know its easy to point out how trivial and typical stupid guy only thinks of his penis that is, but the sadistic part about Hallie is that (1).  She knew how sensitive I was to that because when I was 14 and played varsity football but hadn’t reached puberty it was a horribly embarrassing time in my life that has stuck with me from this day and because of that  (2). I loved to be reassured that my 9 inch very big penis was actually big.  It may be funny to you but its body dysmorphia and the exact reason Hallie got breast implants.  I know my penis is almost twice the size of an average mans penis I know that she knows that and I know she knows because I’ve now told her 100 times to stop implying that no matter how obviously wrong she is because no matter how beyond the little boy you have grown its harder to put out of your mind that the person says it not once not twice not 10 times but over and over.  Fucking sadistic- and I really was going to not let my anger get the better of.  But you (Hallie) fucking sick mean fuck.”

Analyzing Hunter’s network linkages and imagery shows that Hunter’s binges, in addition to cocaine, were fuelled by prescription drugs that he regularly obtained legally. These ‘legit’ sources kept him well provisioned and ready for action.

In one especially abusive sex scene involving a prostitute, she can seen taking an ampule and a syringe in preparation for injecting it into his butt. Shortly afterword he passes out.


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