President Trump’s Message Calling For Peace Is CENSORED Then DELETED From Twitter (But We Saved It)!


Is there nothing they won’t do?

To say Big Tech is out of control is a massive understatement.

They cheat in elections, they censor truth, they spread lies.

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And when our President puts forth a wonderful message of peace, he is first censored and then deleted from Twitter!

This is war, plain and simple.

His first message remains up and you can see it here:

But his second message which included a video message to all his followers in DC is gone.

First censored you no one could retweet it and then wiped completely.

Take a look at what people are saying:

And here’s what happens when you try to share it (nothing is attached):

And now when you try to view it yourself you get this:

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But don’t worry…..we saved it!

And we’ve put it up safely on Rumble.

Watch it here:

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