Line In D.C. To See President Trump Now Over 3 Miles Long!


Patriots are sending a very clear message…..we will NOT take a stolen election lying down!

Oh, and we ALWAYS have President Trump’s back.

Might want to note those two things.

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Just sayin’.

Check out the line to see President Trump, this is what a 3 mile long line looks like…..


The line is 3 miles long in DC now!!! Smash the echo. Estimates, 1 million people in Washington. Follow me for all the live coverage. I am back online.

— AlexJungleView Alexlunaviewer Wednesday, January 6, 2021

And see it here on Rumble.


Here’s even more….

Look at these:


NATIONAL POLL: Should Ilhan Omar Be IMPEACHED and Removed From Office?

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