Lin Wood’s New Fireside Chat: The Current Whereabouts of Jeffrey Epstein


Yesterday I brought you the explosive Fireside Chat with Lin Wood, episode 3.

Today I bring you Episode 4.

And if you thought the last one was wild, you ain’t seen nothing yet:

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That’s right, Lin Wood breaks down Jeffrey Epstein and why he is most certainly still alive…..and where.

It’s definitely not the first Wood has spoken of Jeffrey Epstein recently:


So without further adieu, I give you Episode 4.


Your comments:

And if you missed Episode 3, here you go.

On this episode alone, Lin Wood gave the truth about:

  • Supreme Court Justice John Roberts
  • Biden
  • Obama
  • Mike Pence
  • Mark Meadows
  • Pat Cippalone
  • Bush41
  • Bush43
  • The Clintons
  • Bill Gates
  • George Soros
  • Christopher Wray

How’s that for a list?

If that’s got you fired up, you’re going to love this chat.

Lin Wood does NOT disappoint.

And so for everyone who has been emailing me asking me what evidence does Lin Wood have against Mike Pence?

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I give it to you right here.


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