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Global Update on COVID-19 Vaccine Related Injuries & Deaths – What Mainstream News Won’t Report


I’ve been going hard against the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine and won’t relent on reporting the terrifying side effects associated with them.

In regards to the Pfizer-BioNTech & Moderna vaccines, I want to note again that they’re both mRNA vaccines.

These types of vaccines have NEVER been used before in the general public.

We have limited knowledge on short-term side effects and can’t possibly know long-term side effects.

However, many of the short-term health dangers continue to be exposed.

Last week, I referenced tragic deaths in Switzerland & Israel in elderly individuals after receiving the vaccine.

Let’s dive into an update on recent developments.

The most disturbing came out of Portugal where a 41-year old healthcare worker passed away two days after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

The cause of death is currently unknown.

Portugal Resident reported on the tragedy:

Health authorities in Portugal today are described as “on the alert” following the so far unexplained death of a 41-year-old pediatric operational assistant two days after she received her first dose of the Covid vaccine.

The woman, so far unidentified beyond her age and professional situation (see update below), died in bed on New Year’s Day.

According to tabloid reports her body was discovered by her partner when he returned home from a trip to the shops.

The partner “called for help and a VMER (medical reanimation team) was dispatched. Efforts ensued to resuscitate the victim “without success”.

The woman was one of 538 health professionals at Porto’s IPO cancer hospital who received their first jabs of the BioNTech/ Pfizer vaccine last Wednesday.

In a statement to the press, the hospital has confirmed the woman “received the vaccine on December 30, no undesirable effect having been notified, neither at the moment of vaccination nor on the subsequent days. Clarification of cause of death will follow the habitual procedures for these circumstances”.

An autopsy is scheduled to take place tomorrow (Monday), at which point further information will be forthcoming.

Says Correio da Manhã tabloid, there is no indication that the woman had “any illness or health complication”.

Offered “heartfelt condolences” to the woman’s family and friends, the IPO statement said  her loss to what it described as ‘sudden death’ “is equally felt at IPO Porto”.


The woman has now been identified as mother-of-two Sónia Azevedo who had dined with her family the night of New Year’s Eve, and been in what appears to have been ‘perfect health’.

She left after the dinner to visit her boyfriend in Maia (where she was found dead in bed the next morning).

According to her grief-stricken and utterly bewildered father: “she never drank alcohol, didn’t eat anything special or out of the ordinary” and was a “well and happy” individual who had been so proud of having been among the first to be vaccinated, that she had actually shared a photograph of the fact over social media.

Sónia Azevedo’s daughter Vânia Figueiredo told Correio da Manhã: “We don’t know what happened. It all happened quickly and with no explanation. I didn’t notice anything different in my mother. She was fine. She just said that the area where she had been vaccinated hurt, but that’s normal…”

The dead woman’s father Abílio told the paper: “I want to know what caused my daughter’s death”.

There have also been reports of an elderly vaccine recipient in Sweden who tragically passed away.

Breitbart covered the story:

The incident was reported by the local authority in Kalmar to the Swedish Medical Products Agency this week after the 84-year-old, who is said to have had multiple underlying illnesses, passed away after receiving the vaccination.

In a press release, Chief Medical Officer Mattias Alvunger said, “The fact that we have reported this to the Swedish Medical Products Agency is a routine measure. Given the concerns that may exist about Covid vaccinations, it is particularly important that we are open about what we can and follow the processes we have.”

The Swedish Medical Products Agency is expected to make an assessment of the case and determine whether or not there will be further investigation into the death of the elderly man, and to report any information to the relevant European Union authorities as well.

The Swedish government announced the roll-out of coronavirus vaccinations in care homes in early December, making them a priority due to the fact that many of the deaths from the coronavirus across the country have taken place in them.

“First, we need to protect the most vulnerable, then vaccinate the whole population so the pandemic slows and then is stopped,” Johan Carlson, who heads the Swedish Health Agency, said in early December.

Sweden’s king, Carl XVI Gustaf, said the country had “failed” care home residents in December.

Sweden is expected to roll out the vaccine to the general public in the first quarter of 2021, but according to surveys as many as 26 per cent of the population do not want to take the vaccine, compared to 46 per cent who say they do.

Earlier this week, the Swedish government proposed a new law that could allow for the shutdown of businesses, public transport, and more, after the country had remained one of the few in the world not to impose strict lockdowns in response to the pandemic.

In Mexico, a 32-year old female doctor was hospitalized and later diagnosed with encephalomyelitis after receiving the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Reuters reported on the case:

The doctor, whose name has not been released, was admitted to the intensive care unit of a public hospital in the northern state of Nuevo Leon after she experienced seizures, difficulty breathing and a skin rash.

“The initial diagnosis is encephalomyelitis,” the Health Ministry said in a statement released on Friday night. Encephalomyelitis is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.

The ministry added that the doctor has a history of allergic reactions and said that there is no evidence from clinical trials that anyone has developed an inflammation of the brain after the vaccine’s application.

Lastly, Israel reported hundreds of individuals contracting COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine.

RT made the following remarks:

With the vaccine not providing immediate immunity to the coronavirus, over two hundred Israeli citizens have been diagnosed with the disease days after getting the Pfizer/BioNTech jabs, local media reported.
The number of those who got Covid-19 despite being vaccinated was at around 240 people, according to data from Channel 13 News.
The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, which the Israeli health authorities rely on, doesn’t contain the coronavirus and can’t infect the recipient. But time is needed for the genetic code in the drug to train the immune system to recognize and attack the disease.
The course of the US-made vaccine requires two shots. According to the studies, immunity to Covid-19 increases only eight to ten days after the first injection and eventually reaches 50 percent.
The second jab is administered 21 days from the first one, while the declared immunity of 95 percent is achieved only a week after that. And, of course, there’s still a five percent chance of getting infected even if the vaccine is at its full potential.
Israeli news outlets which reported the figures urged the public to remain vigilant and thoroughly follow all Covid-19 precautions during the month after the first shot of the vaccine is administered.
The Jewish state is currently undertaking a massive vaccination campaign, which already saw over one million people or almost 12 percent of the population getting the Pfizer/BioNTech jab. That’s the largest span per capita in the world, according to Oxford University. The first phase of the program aims to immunize medics and elderly people before expanding on to other categories. 
Around one in a thousand people have reported mild side effects after the injection, including weakness, dizziness and fever as well as pain, swelling and redness in the spot where the shot was given. Only a few dozen of them required medical attention, the Health Ministry said.

Since Israel kicked off its massive vaccination campaign (currently the most comprehensive per capita in the world), at least 4 individuals have died shortly after receiving the vaccine.

However, health officials were quick to say their deaths weren’t related to the vaccine.

But when it’s COVID-19, anyone who dies with COVID-19 is labeled dying from COVID-19.

Seems extremely biased.

More updates as they come in.


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