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Lin Wood: Mike Pence Does NOT Support President Trump!


For 4 years we have been debating about Mike Pence.

Is he a good guy?

Or a black hat?

The debate has only intensified over these past few weeks as it looks like Mike Pence may be one of the last lines of defense to hand President Trump the rightful win of the election.

Unfortunately, Lin Wood just ended the debate and you might not like the answer….

Pence is BAD NEWS!


I do NOT trust VP Mike Pence
@VP @Mike_Pence. He is wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Pence only focused on himself & 2024. He does not support @realDonaldTrump.

See his Tweet from this morning here:

Eagle eye readers may noticed that yes, Lin Wood (THE L. Lin Wood) just Tweeted a link to an article I wrote about Mike Pence!

What an honor to have someone like Lin Wood Tweet out your work!

Thank you Lin!

You’re a great American patriot and it is a real honor to have you mention something I wrote.  Total honor.

Now let’s talk about those envelopes.

Because Lin Wood seems to think they’re important.

And so do I.

If you haven’t seen the videos before, watch right here.

Watch as Jeb’s face goes pure white when he opens his:

Here’s more on the theory of the envelopes, from GreysEconomy:

In the latest drop we get a possible reason why Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen received an envelope at George Bush’s funeral last year and why Lt. Gen Michael Flynn was set up by the FBI.

The link to a Sara Carter story shows additional texts between disgraced ex-FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his lover ex-FBI Attorney Lisa Page attempting to develope and inside the White House spy during the Trump transition team after the 2016 election.

In quite an extensive article Cater lays out what Strzok and Page had in mind.

Pence’s chief of staff in the early days of the Trump Administration was Josh Pitcock. Pitcock was married to Katherine Seaman. Seaman worked for the FBI and prior to the election worked with Strzok and Page on the Hillary Clinton email probe.

This is why the call it the swamp. The connections are so rife with married couples seldom taking the same name in order to obfuscate the connections.

As you can see above Karen Pence like all the other wives at the Bush funeral received a note inside their programs. Also note behind Pence and to his left a Secret Service agent is monitoring his reaction while the Veep sits directly behind the President.

What the notes contained has never been divulged the reactions by the recipients was not joyous, in fact horror and/or dread was seen on many of the faces after reading the notes. (Please read this post to get the full story.)

My high-octane speculation is that Trump’s intelligence team discovered that Pence knew about Pitcock’s activities of spying on the newly elected president and Pence may have also agreed to help Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein with his case of Trump being unfit to serve making Pence president under the 25th Amendment.

I believe Lt. Gen Flynn, Trump’s original NSA Director, has all the details on Pence, Pitcock and Seaman but had his legs cut out from under him by the FBI when Strzok and another agent interviewed him without a lawyer about speaking to foreign officials during the transition.

The FBI had tapes of Flynn on a phone call with the then-Russian Foreign Minister and when Flynn could not recall the exact details of the call the FBI charged him with lying.

This was to disgrace Flynn and keep the Pence spying information a secret. But it did not work.

Stay tuned. This is a blockbuster.

So I’m curious what you think.

Are you with Lin Wood?

Do you still have hope for Pence?

Tell me here…..👇

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