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Why Is President Trump So Calm? Sometimes The Simplest Explanation Is The Right One…


This is something I’ve touched on many times in recent articles and in my Newsletter.

It’s something I can’t quite get over.

There is a lot happening right now that doesn’t make sense.

I think there are a lot of dots out there not yet connected and the fog of war is making things hard to see.

But one thing we can see and to me it’s been one of the most glaring clues of anything….

It’s how absolutely calm (and quiet) President Trump has been since the election.

Have you noticed it?

Almost to the point of seeming disengaged.

Yes, he’s given a couple big press conferences.

Yes, he still goes on some Tweet storms.

But overall he seems fairly calm and complacent.

And that means one of two things:

Either (1) he’s lost and he’s basically admitted defeat and he’s just riding out the time until January 20.

Or (2) he has it ALL and he’s just letting them continue to hang themselves and he’s he will play the “Trump” card when he’s damn well good and ready.

Given his Tweet storms and continuing legal challenges, #1 just doesn’t ring true to me.

So that means it must be #2….and can you even imagine?

I’ve actually been saying it all along.

President Trump looks to me like a man who already holds all the cards and he knows it.

Remember all the things we’re not hearing about anymore.

Remember the raid on the Scytl server in Frankfurt, Germany?

Did that give him all the real election results, undeniable proof of Trump’s win?

Remember how he watched the election results live in that SCIFF and then Tweeted out that he watched the fraud happen live in realtime on election night?

Will it be the watermarked ballots?

Don’t forget about all these gems!

Well, enough of me rambling.

My friend Daniel Lee read an article from someone who pieced this all together much better than I just did.

It’s absolutely incredible and you have to hear it.

It starts at about 12:30 minute mark:

And be sure to follow my friend Daniel on Rumble.

You can find his channel right here:

Love to hear what you think of this!

For those of you that want to read instead of listening to the video, here is the full text.


I have been following you for a few weeks now.  I appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm.  I have had a few thoughts that I wanted to share with you that you may want to consider as you make your analysis.  I share these below:

I have been thinking about this a lot.  Mainly because I believe we are actually at war and our country and families and future and in some ways our very lives are at stake and this is worth fighting for.  It may be moving slowly and it may be obscured and hidden but deceivers and whisperers like for their deeds to be hidden like that.

It has been frustrating to watch because there is a lot of disinformation and confusing communications and theories and conclusions being thrown out there on both sides.  We expect this from the swamp people but it also seems to be happening or at least being allowed by the Trump camp as well.  This causes a wide range of things to be discussed and followed and like and tweeted and echoed, etc.  However, if this deception and attack and subversion is as wide and deep and bad and dangerous as it appears to be to me then Trump does know the stakes and assuming he does, he knows better than us that we are in the most dangerous time for our country since WWII or perhaps some near nuclear event that we don’t know about.

We tend to get caught up in the day to day news and information drops.  The big picture goes back to what activated all this—election day.  Right now Trump appears to be pursuing multiple strategies simultaneously and all at once.  It looks like he has no real overall plan but is trying anything he think might work and everyone is analyzing all these options.  He is trying the courts, he is trying the states, he is trying by dripping out info., he is trying the Pence card, he is trying to get Congress to act, he has Guiliani doing hearings and filing suits, he has Lin Wood out there going nuts, he has Sydney Powell in the White House, he has Flynn calling for insurrection act—he is messaging and pushing all these things—but none of these things are breaking through and he actually seems powerless in many ways because the DS and MSM and politicians are all standing in his way and people are coming out of the woodwork to oppose all of this…..(some of this opposition is real some of this is acting—we just don’t know what is what—which is why we should be careful about calling certain people traitors while we are in the shadows stage of this battle).   All the while the other side seems to be holding on by obstruction and lies—which has worked so well up until now why would they change anything.   He is working hard though—they are suing to get machines, they are holding hearings.  They are collecting and showing evidence.  He has gone to the Supreme Court.  He has made speeches to the American people.  He has called out congress for their pork spending and disregard for the people.  But nothing seems to be breaking through.  He seems powerless.   And though Trump is working hard, he seems to be getting nowhere and is just hoping for something to happen but not taking direct action.  He could order some federal units to seize machines but isn’t.  He could invoke the Insurrection Act but isn’t.  He could declassify stuff but isn’t.  He could call on the people to rise up and/or activate the militias.  He could take many actions—but isn’t.  Is that because the DS is so strong that Trump has no one on his side?  Is Trump totally powerless?  Is he just talking a big game and has no sand to back it up?  Is he being neutered by his staff?  Is he so weak he can’t even get a phone call out to Sydney Powell and a chief of staff blocks her from seeing him?  Is he one of a few voices crying for justice only to be drowned out by the swamp? His proxies are suing to get access to the machines, and showing real fraud but not having success bc they are being blocked.  The are suing over many valid offenses but not getting heard.  They are calling for investigations but nothing big is happening.  They seem powerless.  The opposition seems to be successful at slow rolling and running out the clock.

It may look that way but I don’t think it is.  Consider what happens when Trump does take decisive action—The 2018 EO is a signal marker.  He calls out congress directly and they agree to $2,000 overnight.  He appoints Chris Miller and immediately special forces are moved to DOD and they cut off supporting the CIA.  He gets Durham appointed a special prosecutor and then moves Barr out of the way.  There is serious military action happening behind the scenes.  He is warning foreign powers to leave us alone and they know he means it.  He put all the tools he needs in effect in advance—the EO of 2018, the 305th unit, Flynn pardon, He seized the servers in Germany.  He watched the election intel in a SCIF.  He has tools to take direct action if he wanted to—and perhaps a more desperate man with no other options would.  Yet, it’s also curious what he is NOT doing or calling for.  He is not calling for the Insurrection Act.  He is not calling for military intervention.  He is not sending federal agents to seize machines (could he?  of course he could—he sent federal agents to Portland and other areas to take care of the riots and liberals went nuts over this because they couldn’t control the feds— Trump has federal assets he can employ and he has proven he will do it when he decides to).  Even so, he is not taking direct actions but is calling for people to come clean and do the right thing and he is trying to follow the rules to get it done.  It looks weak and ineffective but is it?

Remember the Normany invasion.  The Germans knew the Allies were planning something big.  They knew it had to be an invasion.  They just didn’t know when or where exactly.  The Allies were putting out all this disinformation and even had fake tanks and fake ships and feints and deception going on.  And they also had cracked the German codes.  They were listening and they even let people die without acting on their intel so the Germans wouldn’t know their code was broken.  They had to wait to use it on something big.  War winning big.  Bigly as Trump would say.  So they used deception and took losses and endured bombings and death until they had everything ready to commit to the ultimate invasion—they waited because it HAD to work.

In particular, Trump has never even hinted at new elections that some people are calling for.  He is also not going nuts over the Georgia runoffs that seem to me to have incredibly important ramifications and that it appears they will use the same fraudulent tactics to try and steal these also—potentially resulting in the loss of presidency, House and senate.  He doesn’t seem too worried about this.  Why?

Normally when someone is against the wall they panic and follow anything that seems to be working well and rush down that path.  Then they rush down the next path if that one stops working, etc. and they are here and there and all over the map and acting frenetic.  Trump is not doing that.  So far, he actually seems to be just politely participating in the game with them.  If the stakes are so high, why isn’t he calling for new elections, calling for people to rise up and get involved, desperately pushing and yelling and well……just acting like the old Trump?

It’s because he is either already beaten or compromised and is faking it to play a role and save face—or he is already holding all the winning cards.  If you listen to what his camp has said previously (that we seem to have forgotten in the fog of war and chaos and disinformation) they said they “have it all”  and “saw it all” and “won in a landslide” and “watched it happen”.  Trump doesn’t want another election because there is no need for another election if he clearly won this one.  The people should not be interested in another election because he won the actual election fair and square!  We don’t need a do-over, we just need to remove the enemy interference.  Why worry about the runoff if there shouldn’t be one in the first place?  Why be worried about the court cases if you don’t need them?  Why seize the machines if you don’t need them?  Why worry about the Supreme Court or docket times being after the 20th if you don’t need them?  Why wouldn’t Trump really care if the Supreme Court gives a decision or doesn’t give a decision?  Why is Trump so seemingly ambivalent about disloyal staff, disloyal AG, disloyal VP, disloyal courts, disloyal everything? Why isn’t he addressing the people and telling them to rise up and to arms?  Why in the world is he so relaxed about this?

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I think it’s because he can absolutely and convincingly without any doubt prove he won the election and he is just waiting for the right time to put this out and is using all this other time to prepare and to play “chicken” with the other side and run all types of counter intel ops and accomplish as much as he can under a position of passive-aggressive noncommittal disinformation deception ops to disguise his “D-Day” invasion.  When he puts out the actual election numbers it is like launching D-Day.  He will provide irrefutable proof that the actual winner of the election was Trump and probably other actual down ballot race winners as well.  He will have tried every logical, legal, and honorable way to present his case and tell the truth and everyone on the other side who stood against Trump in this will have to face the fact that they supported liars and cheaters and enemies of the country.  They will have to face the fact that they were lied to and went along because they were willing to compromise as well and they will have to make a cognitive decision to support the constitution, be loyal to the country and support the properly elected president or be a traitor, liar, cheater, and insurrectionist—whether they be senator, congressman, judge, journalist or Joe Citizen.

We haven’t heard squat about the Scytl servers.  We haven’t heard squat from the DNI report.  We haven’t heard squat about the foreign country intelligence on the election Flynn reported.  Soon Trump is going to unveil the actual election results.  That is why he doesn’t care about a new election or a runoff or Pence or Barr or any of this.  He has not been acting like a desperate man who is being railroaded and has no options and no friends.  He is acting like a man who holds all the cards and has a bunch of his biker buddies just outside the back door waiting to back him up.  Trump knows he won the election and he knows he can prove it.  He is being careful about disguising when and how he launches the P-Day  (Patriot day) invasion.  This is how it appears when looking at it dispassionately and in light of how Trump is acting—not talking.

Pelosi recently said that anyone who votes against her legislation would be voting against helping the people or something like that.  She was trying to shame people into doing her will.  Her words will be turned against her and it will be such that anyone who stands or votes against the real election results when they are disclosed will be viewed as a traitor.  It may be that Biden concedes as part of this after seeing it all come out and may even be playing a part in that to be able to say he did the “honorable” thing in light of this “overwhelming” evidence of fraud and cheating because he loves truth and the constitution and his country.

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the best one to make sense of an unsolvable riddle.  And the only thing that seems to explain all this craziness and deception and confusion and chaos and Trump’s steadiness in the midst of it all is that he knows he won, has the evidence to prove it and is going to bring it out at the right time.   Another way to confirm this is to not only look forwards as to what would fit with what’s happening now but also to look backwards across the same explanation to see if his actions now fit looking back at it in hindsight.  Taking that approach, even his actions when looked at in hindsight will be clean (meaning when it does come out people will say “you knew this all the while?”) and they will look at what he did and said in light of that.  And looking back to date, it does appear to me that he has acted honorably and tried to get everyone to do the right thing and everything he said was true and in line exactly with proper action in light of an attack on our election and the country.  He will gain incredible, amazing credibility and trust with the people.

And then he will be in great danger if he does not give the glory to God and continue to humble himself.

Trump is acting, not speaking, like a man who has already lost and is trying to save face; or like a man who has already won and is waiting for the right time for it to be revealed.  I believe it is the latter.


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