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Massachusetts Lowers Age For Abortion With No Parental Consent Needed


What you’re about to read is bound to make your stomach churn.

Lawmakers from Massachusetts just overrode its Republican governor’s veto of a bill that allows  16-year-old girls to obtain abortions without parental consent.

Governor Charlie Baker said he vetoed the bill due to the fact he couldn’t get behind the fact the abortions would now be obtained by 16-year-olds without parental consent.

Legislatures of Massachusetts ignored Baker’s concern and overrode his veto in a 32-8 decision.

Along with lowering the age of abortions without parental consent, the bill also included abortions legal at 24 weeks old.

Fox News covered the shocking decision and shared these details:

Massachusetts’ legislature overrode its Republican governor’s veto of a bill on Tuesday that expanded abortion access in a variety of ways, including allowing 16-year-old girls to obtain abortions without parental consent.

Passed earlier this month, the bill codified the landmark decision in Roe v. Wade and allows abortions after 24 weeks if the child isn’t expected to survive after birth. Gov. Charlie Baker said that while he agreed with some of the bill’s provisions, he couldn’t get behind one that lowered the age of consent from 18 to 16 years of age for obtaining the procedure.

Baker told lawmakers he supported the provision allowing abortions at 24 weeks and eliminating a 24-hour waiting period, according to WBUR.

“However, I cannot support the sections of this proposal that expand the availability of later term abortions and permit minors age 16 and 17 to get an abortion without the consent of a parent or guardian,” he reportedly said.

Liberals from Massachusetts acted as if pro-abortion activists just won a Super Bowl after the decision.

They are literally celebrating the future deaths of unborn children.

NBC Boston chipped in too:

Abortion rights will be formally codified in Massachusetts law and access to the procedure will be expanded after the Senate on Tuesday joined the House in overriding Gov. Charlie Baker’s veto of the legislation.

The bill, known as the ROE Act, expands access to abortion beyond 24 weeks in cases of fatal fetal anomalies and lower the age of consent from 18 to 16. Current state law allows abortions after 24 weeks only to preserve the life or health of the mother.

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker vetoed the bill on Christmas Eve, saying that, though he “strongly” supports the right to access reproductive health care, he “cannot support” reducing the age that women are required to get permission from a parent or judge.

The governor’s veto kicked the issue back to the Legislature. The Massachusetts House voted to override Baker Monday on a 107-46 vote, and the Senate reaffirmed its support for the abortion access measures (H 5179) on a 32-8 vote.

What did the unborn ever do to leftists to deserve so much hate?


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