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9/11 Explained In 5 Minutes….Do You BeLIEve This?


Last night in my Newsletter, I mentioned that I don’t really know what is going with the explosion in Nashville, but I know one thing:  I don’t really trust the official FBI story.

I don’t trust that they knew exactly who did it within what, 24-48 hours?

They had already matched DNA, determined he died in the explosion, and pretty much figured out the whole rest of the story in 24-48 hours?

Sorry, I don’t buy it.

And then I said in the Newsletter that after 9/11 and the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting, I don’t really buy ANYTHING that the FBI puts out there.

The same FBI that has spent the last 4 years trying everything they can to frame President Trump and Michael Flynn (and failing at it, by the way).

A couple people emailed me and asked what I meant when I said I didn’t trust the official 9/11 story.

I really appreciate the question.

And the best way for me to explain it to you is to just show you this video.

This video is truly only 5 minutes but it moves so fast you might need to watch it 3 or 4 times to let everything sink in.

It’s one of my favorite videos.

The video doesn’t tell you what to think or what conclusions to draw, it just lists the “official story” that the media has pushed and pulls it all together so you can listen to exactly what they want you to believe.

And as you listen, if you’re like me eventually you reach a point where you have to say, “how stupid do they think we are?”

And that’s the point when you realize you’ve likely been fed a huge pile of horse shit with the “official FBI story.”

But that’s just my conclusion, you can judge for yourself.

Please enjoy:

And thanks to a reader suggestion, I am now putting the Rumble video first (above) and the YouScared video second as a “backup” source.

I will probably start dropping the YouTube source altogether soon.

But for now I’d rather give you two versions to make sure you see it.

So here is YT:

I’d love to know what you think.

Do you buy what they’re trying to sell you?


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