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New Footage Appears To Show Explosion Did NOT Come From The RV!


It really is hard to know what to believe anymore.

About the only thing I know is that I don’t trust the “official story” of much of anything anymore!

We have been lied to so many times in so many ways, it’s hard to trust the official story of any major event.

Especially when they always have all the details so quickly, have you noticed that?

The Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting, 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, you name it….the Media always seems to have the full story cracked in a matter of hours.

Almost like they’re reading from a script instead of actually conducting an in-depth investigation, sorting through facts, interviewing witnesses, etc.

Nope, they always seem to have it figured out in about the same time it takes Sam Waterston to crack the case on Law & Order.

Earlier today I brought you these videos which many online are claiming look like a missile being launched into Nashville and then exploding.

Take a look and judge for yourself:

And here:

Well now we have a second update.

And a second camera angle.

A reader sent me this link (thank you Angela!) and it is very interesting.

I don’t know this man or his show, but he is showing a second camera from what I assume is a street level security camera which shows the RV clearly parked over on the left side but then the explosion starting from the right side.

See it for yourself here:

And because I expect this will almost certainly be wiped off YouScared by the end of the night, I have made a backup.

Safely saved to Rumble.

Watch here:

I thought the comments to the video were great.

Take a look:

So….what do you think?

Leave a comment below.


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