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3rd Time President Trump Issues the Call: Be in DC on January 6!


Calling all patriots!

This is NOT a drill!

We repeat – this is NOT a drill!

This is the THIRD time that President Trump has called for all freedom loving patriots to be in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021!

Since when has President Trump ever promoted 1 single rally this much?

We need every person present to let our representatives know that WE THE PEOPLE supported, voted, and will stand with President Trump!

We know the truth.

And we want our leaders to investigate the truth so that the reality of the 2020 presidential election comes to light.

Here is the THIRD time that Trump has called for patriots to come to Washington DC:

Here is the first call to action that President Trump tweeted to set off the January 6 rally:

The first MAGA March attracted an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 attendees.

It was an organic grassroots march that was organized by WE the PEOPLE.

A second march also drew tens of thousands of patriots.

This third march on January 6 is expected to exceed 1 MILLION patriots!

The Washington Post has more details on this MASSIVE MAGA rally:

In a tweet last week, President Trump foreshadowed a “wild” protest in the District on Jan. 6 — the day Congress formally counts the electoral college votes — and his supporters are determined not to disappoint him.

This week, Women for America First requested a protest permit for that day. The group of conservative women was at the center of organizing the November “Stop the Steal” rally that drew thousands of Trump supporters to the nation’s capital and this month’s March for Trump that ended in a night of chaos and violence as a group with ties to white nationalism roamed the streets looking for a fight.

Conversations about the January gathering have taken off on chat forums used by far-right groups, including Gab, Parler and Telegram. The Proud Boys, members of armed right-wing groups, conspiracy theorists and white supremacists all have pledged to attend.

Women for America First estimates that about 5,000 people will attend the Jan. 6 rally, which it hopes to hold at Freedom Plaza.

The U.S. Park Service has not yet granted the group’s request, although permits are not typically issued until the week of an event.

Organizers had initially requested space at Freedom Plaza to stage a protest after the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, a Park Service official said. But increasing chatter about Jan. 6 prompted the organization to change its plans.

On the event website, a flier for the demonstration says, “the president is calling on us to come back to Washington on Jan. 6 for a big protest — ‘be there, will be wild.’ ”

The event, on a Wednesday, is to begin at noon and run until 5 p.m.

The escalation of Jan. 6 from formality to protest lies in Trump’s refusal to concede his loss to Biden. The 12th Amendment requires Congress to meet in joint session to count the electoral college votes and declare a presidential winner. That session is Jan. 6.

Trump lost the electoral vote 306 to 232, but a handful of his supporters began to suggest that he could make one more effort to overturn the results by getting members of Congress to challenge Biden’s electors at the Jan. 6 meeting.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) reportedly urged GOP senators not to object to the election results, though at least one Republican member of the House, Rep. Mo Brooks (Ala.), has said he is considering making such an objection on the basis of allegations of election fraud that have been roundly rejected by state and federal courts, state election officials of both parties and even Trump’s own attorney general.

People from all over the nation are planning on attending the January 6 rally in DC.

President Trump has issued the call.

Now it’s time for us to step up!

Forbes confirms that patriots from across the country are traveling to DC in massive numbers:

Supporters of President Trump from across the country are planning a large rally in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6—the day Congress is scheduled to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory—in what’s being characterized as a final push to overturn the election’s results.

Trump appealed to his supporters in a tweet last week, reposting a report written by White House Advisor Peter Navarro that alleges (without credible evidence) widespread election fraud and calling for a “big,” “wild” protest in D.C. to remedy his “impossible” loss.

Though it doesn’t appear any large-scale protests were in the works prior to Trump’s tweet, his supporters quickly moved to organize.

According to local news outlet, dcist, Women For America First, one of the organizations involved in the previous two election fraud rallies in Washington, D.C., changed the date on a previous request for a protest permit for the weekend after the presidential inauguration.

“The president is calling on us to come back to Washington on January 6th for a big protest,” reads a flyer published on Women for America First’s website,, noting that specific time and location have not yet been determined.

As what appears to be the largest event planned for that day, Women for America says it is estimating 5,000 attendees, whom it hopes to host at the city’s historic Freedom Plaza.

On Facebook pages for other, seemingly smaller protests organized for that day, and in other chat platforms like Gab, Parler and Telegram, Trump supporters are discussing trekking across the country for the protest and bringing guns to D.C. (where that is now allowed), while prominent right-wing groups like the Proud Boys have already indicated they plan to attend.

If the media doesn’t like talking about rally size, they definitely won’t want to talk about the DC rally size.

This is shaping up to be the BIGGEST ONE YET!

Will you be there?

Let’s show up in numbers so big that they can’t deny the size, depth, and power of our movement!


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