UCLA Tries To Silence Black Triple-Major Honors Conservative Student, So He Goes Online To Fight Back!


Remember when college and universities used to be the home of freedom of thought and freedom of expression?

It’s a vague memory.

Now they are 100% propaganda machines where you have freedom of speech only if you agree with the Far-Left talking points!

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Meet Christian Walker.

He’s an awesome student who is a TRIPLE major honors student who is being bullied and attacked by UCLA for his conservative views.

Keep speaking out my man, this is still America and we support you!

And kudos to you for going online and fighting back!

The leftist mob doesn’t scare me. I’ll never stop using my Freedom of Speech and supporting my country🇺🇸

— Christian Walker ChristianWalk1r Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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And here’s a backup.

From Rumble, full screen:

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