Awesome Video From a Fellow Patriot: “This Is America!”


I always say if you’ve created something awesome related to President Trump or America or patriots, let me know!

And we might just feature it here on WeLoveTrump!

Well that’s exactly what happened today.

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Reader of my Newsletter and of WeLoveTrump Robbie Litt sent me this video he created and it is amazing!

This is what America is all about!

And have you noticed how the “Deplorables” are all the people creating amazing things like this?

We create!

We add value!

We bring art to the world!

Democrats just burn, loot and riot.

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Kind of reminds me of the job description of the guy they follow!  (steal, kill, destroy)

Anyway, back to this awesome video from my friend Robbie Litt.

Please enjoy….and please share if you liked it:

Thanks Robbie, great job!

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