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Nancy Pelosi’s Stimulus Bill Gives You $600 Dollars…But $10 MILLION To Pakistan For “Gender Studies”


This is beyond offensive….I think it’s highly illegal.

Treasonous, even.

While millions of Americans have been decimated by illegal government shutdowns, unable to run their own businesses, Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives has the solution.

She wants to give you $600.

Lose your business, go bankrupt….but hey, here’s $600.

I think this has to be the meme of the year:

Only Christmas Vacation fans will get it.

It would be hilarious if it weren’t so maddening.

And real.

But that’s not where the offense and the treason to America ends.

No….while you get $600, Pakistan (yes, PAKISTAN) gets $10 MILLION for “gender studies”.


It’s true, take a look:

Here’s the $10 million for Pakistan “gender studies” and as if that weren’t bad enough we’re also apparently paying for setting up a Climate Security Council:

Let me translate that for you.

This Climate Security Council will no doubt be something else in the future that will (1) tax you, (2) take away your rights, (3) shut down your businesses, (4) make you very poor.

And we’re funding this crap?

Fox Business confirms it’s all true:

The lengthy coronavirus relief bill lawmakers agreed upon over the weekend – and are hoping to approve this week – includes a number of lesser-known provisions that have raised some eyebrows.

Among them are a pair of assistance programs in Pakistan, whereby $15 million will be put toward “democracy programs” and $10 million will be distributed to “gender programs.”

Some Twitter users were frustrated about the intent to distribute funds for such purposes in the midst of a pandemic where many American households are struggling to make ends meet.

While it is not made explicitly clear what is meant by “gender programs” in the legislation, gender equality is a central component to development in the country, according to the United Nations Population Fund.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) website also states that it works with Pakistan to improve women’s access to economic opportunities, increase girls’ access to education, improve maternal and child health, combat gender-based violence, and increase women’s political and civic participation in Pakistan.

Pakistan ranks the second lowest country in the world for gender equality.

Please sign our Petition to President Trump to VETO this insane Bill!

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SIGN THE PETITION: Tell President Trump To Veto Nancy Pelosi’s HIGHLY ILLEGAL Stimulus Bill!

Here’s even more:




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