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Nancy Pelosi Demeans People Of Faith Yet Again

The "Speaker Of The House" masquerades as a person of faith, but the very notion is offensive, as she has proven she is anything but that


For those who missed it Pelosi wants to give billions in foreign aid while we suffer. 

She also epitomizes a corrupt government which no longer represents the will of The American People.

Now she is calling herself “a person of faith” I have news for Nancy, people of faith don’t hold back critical relief from thier own people while squandering billions to influence the affairs of others 

People of faith dont attack pillars of faith! They don’t constantly go after religious freedoms and attempt to replace them with the ideology of Statism, or Marxism for that matter. 

Pelosi calling herself a person of faith is like Stalin calling himself a free-market capitalist. It’s cheap, and furthermore it is demeaning to actual people of faith. 

Check it out: 

The Red State Observer had more on the story: 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is fond of calling herself a person of faith. Although it’s a rather hollow belief if she thinks it allows her to delay virus relief for Americans in order to achieve political power.

She basically admitted that she had blocked relief until after the election, until in her words there was a “new president.” Translation? She held off relief, knowing it would hurt President Donald Trump in the election despite the fact that it was her fault the relief was held up. Now, she’s willing to settle for a smaller deal than was actually offered before the election.

From Townhall:

“We couldn’t pass legislation until now. Because the administration simply did not believe in testing, tracing, treatment, wearing masks, sanitation, separation, and the rest. Scientific approach. It becomes clear to us now that they believed in herd immunity, quackery, springing right from the Oval Office. And not denied sufficiently by some of the CDC and the rest. So now we have a vaccine and that gives us hope. A vaccine that is — springs from science,” Pelosi said.

An earlier report by Neonnettle showcased even more of her demeaning statements:

“Of course, we always are concerned about the health and safety of the president and vice president of the United States and their families."

“But they should reciprocate, in kind, and have some concern about the health of the American people and not blame it on the press,” 

she said.“They're blaming this concern about the virus on the press, that it's something that you all have cooked up,” said Pelosi.“But in terms of what they have done, it's cause for celebration. I don't think so. But we really have to–this–we have to get this under control."

“One hundred, three months ago, 117,000 now, cause for celebration? No, Mr. Vice President. You make me sad because you're a person of faith,” Pelosi continued.


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