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Democrats Want To END Elections In America….Not If WE Have Something To Say About It

There is one party within a 2 party system which seeks to do away with the election process, some have seen this coming for a long time


In a move taken right out of Stalin’s playbook

“It matters not who casts a vote, it matters who counts the votes” 

This is essentially the attitude of Democrats, Left-Wingers and “Progressives” who have relied on a number of tricks, both legal and illegal to fabricate elections. 

Those of us familiar with these dirty and malicious tactics, saw this coming. One person in particular though, saw this coming from a mile away, and hit it right on the nose. 

That person is Rush Limbaugh 

Check it out: 

The Gateway Pundit had this to say: 

Democrats pushed a candidate this year who could not complete a full sentence, who hid in his basement and when he did hold a public “rally” could only get a few dozen supporters to show up in a parking lot to honk horns.

But Democrats were never worried for some reason. You never saw Democrats in full-on panic mode. This was a huge “tell.”

They weren’t campaigning. Their plan was to cheat.

Rush Limbaugh called this out in October. The great American radio host told his vast audience what Democrats were up to. And he was right.

The Rush Limbaugh Show had the official transcript text here: 

RUSH: This is Brad in Owensboro, Kentucky. It’s great to have you, sir. I’m glad you waited. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush, from the Bluegrass State.

RUSH: Great to have you with us.

CALLER: I always wanted to talk to you. I was telling Mr. Snerdley, I think we finally reached the point that you have always said we would get to where the Democrats are done with elections. They don’t care anymore. They don’t think we’re smart enough to self-govern, and so they’re gonna try and steal this one, and it really doesn’t matter how many people vote or what we do. They’re gonna try and steal it, because it’s their last chance for a generation.

RUSH: Okay, two things. How are they gonna steal it? You said they’re tired of competing in elections, meaning campaigning. What I think is they’re really tired of being rejected. They’re tired of people they don’t respect having a say-so in whether they win or lose.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: That’s what bugs ’em. They don’t think they should have to run. They don’t believe they need to subject themselves to the opinion of a bunch of people they don’t respect.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So given that they don’t really believe in elections, and how they gonna steal this?

CALLER: They’re gonna go to the communist model of having an election where the results don’t matter. They’re gonna do mail-in ballots. They’re gonna do (crosstalk) —


CALLER: They’re gonna burn the country down. They’re gonna do whatever they have to do —


CALLER: — to change the actual vote.

RUSH: I see. So they’re not gonna cancel the election. They’re just gonna try to overwhelm it?

CALLER: For sure, and that’s what their mentors in the Communist Party have always done. They always had elections. It’s just the people didn’t really get to choose.

RUSH: Well, their mentors in the Communist Party wiped out elections. I mean, Putin gets 97% of the vote. Castro gets all the votes — or got. They still do them. To create the illusion as some sort of democratic result here, that some dictator is actually loved and adored and preferred by the people that he’s got in jail. But, no, I think… You know, I’ve always believed — and this is a psychological thing, folks.


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