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Will The “Zero Year Curse” Strike Biden?


I have to confess, I follow politics pretty closely but I had never heard of this until I watched this video from Perry Stone.

How fascinating!

It’s a short video and Perry explains it better than I can, so I recommend you just watch it, but essentially there is an old legend dating back to the Native Americans that says a curse was placed on future Presidents such that those elected in a year ending in “0” would die in office.

Sound far fetched?

Well, he goes through the whole history dating back to the 1800s and including people like Lincoln, Kennedy and others, and it all holds up.

He also explains why Reagan did not die.

Now I feel like I need to hit the pause button for someone out there reading this right now to say something about “curses”.

I don’t like to spend a lot of time focusing on this stuff, but for anyone who says curses are just hocus-pocus and fake, well, respectfully I would tell you that you haven’t read your Bible.

The Bible seems to take the opinion that witchcraft is indeed very real.

It doesn’t glorify it.

It says to have nothing to do with it.

But it doesn’t say it’s fake.

It doesn’t say it’s not powerful.

So could there have been a witchcraft curse placed on future presidents?

I don’t know but I do know the history Perry goes through in this video is fascinating!

Please enjoy:

And in case that gets censored by YouScared, here’s a backup.


From Rumble:

Here are some comments:

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Thanks for reading.


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