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New Video Shows Exactly How Votes Were “Transferred” From Trump To Biden Live On The Air….NINE Times!


Catching someone in the act once is usually enough to find them guilty.

How about NINE times?

How about nine times LIVE on the air on CNN?

Yes, a team of data scientists have been pouring over the live election footage from CNN on election night and they’ve captured nine times where Trump’s vote total went down by the exact same amount Biden’s went up.

First of all, there should never be any instance where anyone’s vote total goes down.

Maybe on a recount, but not during live results.

Vote totals should only go in one direction….up as each new vote is counted.

Second, when one guy’s total goes down by the exact amount the other guy’s total goes up, that is pretty basic….the machines were programmed to do a basic flip of the votes.

Highly illegal.


Election fraud of the worst kind.

And you know what should actually make you proud as a Trump supporter?

They had to do it NINE times!

That’s right folks, President Trump was beating them so badly they had to do this nine separate times just to try and catch up.

Of course any rational person would only want to cheat as much as was absolutely necessary — the bare minimum — to lower the risk of getting caught.

But they had to do it nine times1

And even then it wasn’t enough because then they had to bring in the paper ballots at 3am and even then some of those weren’t enough because they had to count them 2, 3 and 4 times a piece!

Folks, I will say it as clearly as I can….President Trump whooped their asses so bad they had to cheat WAY more than they ever thought they would need to.





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