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The Washington Post Discriminates Against Christians, Argues That They Cannot Hold Office

The left wing publication argues that Christians should not be eligible to hold nor run for public office, in what is a blatant and unapologetic editorial


I have a term for our readers today, some may already know it, to others it will be new: 

Cultural Marxism. 

Cultural Marxism refers to the very real “long march” through American and Western institutions by avowed Marxists, Communists and Leftists to undermine our culture and crumble our great nation. 

These institutions include but are not limited to: public education, tertiary or college education, public office, the arts, and the free press. 

Anyone who has attended university in America, (or any other western country) can attest that this is a very real thing, it is not uncommon for 75% of the staff or more to be avowed Marxists. 

The Washington Post is one such institution, a publication that leans heavily left, and spews the venom of identitarian politics, critical theory, socialism, and statism. 

These people, and thier Leftist-Marxist Democratic party, are now attacking Christian Americans

Here is more on their latest attacks: 

The Red State Observer reported: 

In the minds of many at the Washington Post, if you believe in and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, then you shouldn’t be qualified to run for public office.

According to Casey Chalk at The Federalist, a man named Robert R. Reilly has been nominated for the position of director at Voice of America. For all intents and purposes, he’s the right man for the job. As Chalk notes, Rielly was director from 2001 to 2002 and produced a weekly talk show there as well.

However, the WaPo editorial board, media columnist Margeret Sullivan, and former VOA director Amanda Bennett have released a series of columns denouncing Reilly, calling him “dangerous” and “extreme” simply on the basis of his Christian beliefs. The specific reason is due to Reilly’s writings on the Catholic teachings about homosexuality:

In a Dec. 11 op-ed for the Washington Post, Bennett labeled Reilly’s beliefs on homosexuality “extreme.” She cited Reilly’s 2014 book, “Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything,” as evidence. Bennett says the book describes “homosexual acts as ‘habitual moral failure’ and lament[s] the ‘legitimization of homosexual behavior.’” The Washington Post editorial board similarly maligned Reilly for his “tirade against the LGBTQ community.”

Reilly, a Catholic himself, subscribes to the Catholic teachings on homosexuality as not only a sin but an act that goes against nature for separating the act from the gift of life.

Here are some words from The Washington Post itself: 

In an earlier book, “The Closing of the Muslim Mind: How Intellectual Suicide Created the Modern Islamist Crisis,” Reilly asserted that Islam abhors reason and has committed “intellectual suicide.” Reilly has every right to hold and even promulgate such views — just not at the head of America’s news organization.

Reilly has argued for years that VOA is not an ordinary news organization. “VOA’s job should be to advance the justice of the American cause while simultaneously undermining our opponents,” he wrote in a 2017 Wall Street Journal essay, comparing VOA’s role to that of the Pentagon. He decries VOA’s historic independence from political influence, instead stressing its connection with U.S. diplomacy.

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