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Did The Australian Minister Just Take The COVID Vaccine….With The Cap Still On?


Will they lie to us?

Let me count the ways!

Which do you think there is more of, fraud in the 2020 election or lies in the media to the general public?

That’s a toss-up!

There’s a story of a Chinese citizen talking to an American citizen and the Chinese guy says “I can’t believe you Americans watch the news every day.”

The American says “I can’t believe you don’t, why don’t you want to be informed about what is going on?”

And the Chinese guy says “We discovered it was all pure propaganda decades ago….you’re just learning it now.”

How true, right?

I know I used to think that other countries like Russia and China tried to brainwash their citizens with propaganda to help the state, but in America we had “freedom of the press!”

Yeah right.

Not anymore.

Not since probably the 1960s.

No, we have the same propaganda machine, it’s just a lot more polished.

But if you don’t believe they are brainwashing us, you just haven’t seen this clip.

Watch this:

And this:

Ok, so now onto the headline story.

Want to see the latest lie?

Here it is.

Here is a Minister in Australia (government official), taking a vaccine (the COVID vaccine?) and wincing in pain….except, viewers spotted that the cap is still on!

Another fake!

Another lie!


Now just because you see our officials take something where the needle goes in, remember what I told you….

We’re just better at lying!

You really think that’s COVID vaccine in there?

It will be sugar water!

Backup of the video here:

So, what do the “fact checkers” have to say about this?

It’s so typical.

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Trust Fox News?

Watch this “useful idiot” in Twitter thinking she’s saving the world with her explanation.

She basically says, yes we lied to you and in fact we lied multiple ways but it was not the lie you think!

Oh ok, that makes it so much better.



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