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Trump Considering Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden

Advisors are encouraging President Trump to open a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to dodge questions about his son.


President Donald Trump is mulling the possibility of appointing a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden

Regardless of whether you love President Donald Trump or hate him, this is something that needs to happen.

If you fall into the camp of believing that President Trump lost this election, there is even more reason for this investigation to take place.

Imagine for a moment, that instead of 2020, this was 2016.

Now imagine that all the current damning evidence that is being brought forth about Hunter Biden, was about Donald Trump Jr.

What kind of picture does that paint?

…Probably a Hillary Clinton presidency…

Hunter Biden needs to be investigated thoroughly now, and so should Joe Biden.

Fox News has more on president Trump's options:

President Trump is talking to advisers about asking for a special counsel to be appointed to continue investigating Hunter Biden, the son of President-elect Joe Biden, according to a report.

The news, reported by the Associated Press, comes as Trump's days in office dwindle and questions swirl about how a Biden administration would handle the ongoing Justice Department investigation into Hunter Biden. The president-elect has dodged repeated questions about the investigation into his son since it became public this month.

Hunter Biden said in a statement last week that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware is investigating his “tax affairs” and that he is taking the matter “very seriously” and is “confident” he handled his affairs “legally and appropriately.”

According to the Associated Press, Trump has spoken with White House Counsel Pat Cippalone and chief of staff Mark Meadows about whether he should push to have incoming Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen appoint a special counsel on the matter. Rosen is taking over the Justice Department after Trump said earlier this week that Attorney General William Barr is leaving the department.

The president said in a tweet that his relationship with Barr "has been a very good one." But the resignation came on the heels of Trump expressing outrage that the investigation into Hunter Biden had not been made public before the presidential election.

It's unclear whether or not Rosen would agree with Trump that a special counsel on Hunter Biden is warranted. According to the Associated Press, Trump is considering potentially firing Rosen if he does not make the special counsel appointment and replacing him with someone who might -- though no final decision has been made.

The White House did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment.

President Trump needs to create this special counsel ASAP.

Joe Biden cannot get away with lying to the American people anymore.

Expose his son, and he falls next.

The media have tried very hard to hide this story, and the American people know it.

There will be repercussions for the media's actions

The Associated Press has more on the newly appointed Attorney General, and what the Hunter Biden investigation would mean for a Biden/Harris administration:

Believing that a special counsel probe could wound a Biden administration before it even begins, Trump aides have urged the president to push for one, which would make it so the investigation can’t be easily stopped by the incoming president. No firm decision has been made.

Trump announced that Barr would be stepping down from his position on Dec. 23, amid lingering tension between the president and the attorney general over the Hunter Biden investigation. Trump was angry for days after learning that Barr knew of the Hunter Biden tax investigation before the election but did not disclose it.

He also was unhappy that Barr said in a widely reported interview with the AP that the Justice Department had not uncovered widespread election fraud that would have affected the results of the election.

For much of his tenure, Barr was perceived as one of the president’s most loyal Cabinet members, especially after he framed the results of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in a manner favorable to Trump even though the special counsel did not exonerate the president of obstruction of justice. It was Barr who first appointed a U.S. attorney to review the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn and then sought to dismiss the criminal charges against Flynn, who twice pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

As Barr exits, the biggest thing by far hanging over the Trump Justice Department is its investigation into Hunter Biden, which involves multiple U.S. attorney offices and FBI field offices. Appointing a special counsel could prove to be complicated, requiring consolidating different investigatory angles and bringing in someone new to run the probe and get up to speed.

Under federal regulations, a special counsel can be fired only by the attorney general and for specific reasons such as misconduct, dereliction of duty or conflict of interest -- reasons that must be spelled out in writing. Appointing a special counsel for the Hunter Biden probe would also signal a more prolonged and complicated investigation than the current inquiry, so far largely centered on his taxes. A subpoena seeking documents from the younger Biden asked for information related to more than two dozen entities, including Ukraine gas company Burisma.

Either way, the probe is complicating Joe Biden’s pick for attorney general, upon whose shoulders this probe would land. Any nominee for attorney general is likely to face a mountain of questions at a confirmation hearing about how they would oversee the probe.

It could be that Rosen is left in the position for a few weeks after Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20. If Trump doesn’t fire him, that is.

For his part, Joe Biden (with help from most of the media) continues to dismiss or ignore any and all questions regarding his troubled son, Hunter Biden.

The elder Biden seems hopeful that if he keeps ignoring these allegations, they'll just go away.

Unlike Joe's mind however, these allegations aren't going anywhere. 


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