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A Group of Black Pastors Expose Democrat GA Senate Runoff Candidate Raphael Warnock for Pro-Choice Stance


Pastor Raphael Warnock tweeted this blasphemous statement last week:

There’s no such thing as a pro-choice pastor.

Real pastors support life and protecting the rights of the unborn.

This type of reality-inverting statement isn’t surprising coming from a Marxist poser like Warnock.

He spews nothing but hatred, division, and race-bait.

Warnock stirred up heated debates across the country when he said America was fighting two pandemics, Covid-19 and Covid-1619.

Nothing more than Critical Race Theory/Project 1619 nonsense that purposely attempts to incite racial division.

That tactic is textbook from the Marxist playbook and it’s been used in America for decades.

Other black pastors aren’t falling for Warnock’s immorality and divisive tactics.

And they’re calling him out.


You can read the letter here:

If Pastor Warnock cared about systematic racism like he claims, he would research the history of Planned Parenthood.

The wicked organization was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger and they still target minority communities.

The Blaze reported on the letter calling out this fraud:

A coalition of more than 25 black pastors — mainly from Georgia — recently called out Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock over his support for abortion ahead of the Peach State’s Jan. 5 runoff elections.

In a letter obtained by Fox News and sent last Friday, the pastors said they felt “compelled to confront” the reverend after he recently made public comments supporting abortion, which they said represented “grave errors of judgment and a lapse in pastoral responsibility.”

In November, Warnock tweeted, “I will always fight for reproductive justice.” Then in another tweet, he said, “I’m a pro-choice pastor, and I believe that a hospital room is way too small for a woman, her doctor, and the United States government.”

The tweets followed an earlier public statement the reverend made during a podcast interview in which he argued that abortion is an exercise of “human agency and freedom” and is “consistent with” his beliefs as a minister.

The article also states:

“Can you in good conscience defend abortion, knowing that abortion kills 474 Black babies for every 1000 live births?” the pastors asked.

“For all of the above reasons, we entreat you to reconsider your public advocacy for abortion,” they concluded. “We implore you to uphold the Biblical defense of life and to fight against the systemic racism of abortion.”

It’s not the first time that Warnock has been confronted over his support for abortion. Last week, former NFL coach Tony Dungy questioned Warnock’s faith over the issue.

Don’t expect Warnock to back down on his pro-choice position.

Doing so would go against the wicked principles of the Democrat Party that he’s running on.

But real Christians and protectors of the unborn see right through his horrific rhetoric.

Warnock is nothing but a radical Marxist fraud who’s speaking from a pulpit to brainwash naïve believers.

We’ll never fall for it.


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