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The Results Are In…..How Long Will YOU Continue To Wear a Mask Before You Refuse?


Early this morning I asked you this question:

NATIONAL POLL: How long will you continue to wear a mask before you REFUSE To Wear One?

I was really excited to see how this turned out.

And the results did not disappoint!

Over 3,300 of you logged your opinion and here are the results:

Of the “OTHER” responses, here’s what you said:

3 days
A couple months for those that vaccines get them but not me.
A few months
After I receive vaccine.
After the state has started the vaccine program
Age and conditions put me and wife in high risk category and we will be wearing masks and following status of infections as vaccination takes effect avoiding flu also part of reason to wear for us
ALL would have to agree to quit as of a certain day in order for the Police to not cope.
Already had Covid.  Don’t wear one.
As a care giver I have to ,because they would not have the help that’s needed
As Christians, we are called to obey the “law”!UNLESS it goes against God’s law. So I guess if it becomes law….I might not have a choice.
As I choose daily and soon will be sans the fabric
As long as I’m under threat of arrest.
as long as mandated
As long as needed but not forever.
At work, they make us
Can’t go in a store without one.  No choice. Bah Humbug. HATE IT
Can’t go to Mass or grocery store without one, so I will till I don’t have to in those 2 places.  It’s okay to be a rebel, but we need Jesus and I will not give up Mass!
Case by case. Less and less.
Common Sense strikes!
depends on the circumstance
Don’t wear one very much
Don’t wear unless told to
done come summer 2021
Forced to wear for work
Gov Ivey wants us wear masks through Jan 22.  I’d say that’s it.
Grocery store will not permit admittance unless wearing a mask.
Hardly ever
Have COPD. As long as I can breath while wearing it.
Haven’t ever worn one and won’t ever start.
Hopefully not long!
I  wear the mask part-time now, when I’m around strangers.  I would wear it as needed until the vaccine is administered.
I am 71 with very high risk conditions – I wear for “my” safety only
I am a kidney dialysis patient so my doctor feels I should wear one when I am out in public
I am over this and only wear when required (i.e. grocery, doctor appt’s)
I deliver pharmacy meds to assisted living and rehabs and have to be protected and cautious. some of the places I go to are infected with covid.
I do not wear unless I’m refused service
I don’t wear or bring one with me when going into places now. However, if they give me one in order to enter, I still take it. I haven’t refused and made a scene yet but it’s coming.
I don’t now unless it’s required for entry
I don’t wear one outside but all the stores require them so hopefully they stop requiring them soon
I have NEVER wore one!!!
I have never worn a mask and never will. Muzzles are for dogs not humans
I have to wear one for my job.  Otherwise, I refuse to wear one
I have to wear one to shop for food. If they didn’t force that on me I would never wear it.
I have to wear to get food and necessities at least until the spring but after that I’m done.
I have trouble breathing now, I only wear one for a long as I am able to stand it!
I haven’t worn a mask with the exception of a handful of times
I heard the mandate to wear the mask goes HIGHER than Trump  No l dont like wearing it either..
I honestly don’t know how long at this point.
I just don’t know. Living in CA, it’s hard to make a stand.
I live in NY and will wear one in stores because it is required but I will not waer it otherwise.
I need groceries and to buy Christmas presents for the family.
I only do at work cause I need to work
I only have to go into the store for shopping. They won’t let me in if I don’t have one on. Other than that the GOVERNMENT/GOVERNOR can kiss my ass.
I only put it on when entering a business in areas where it’s been mandated and businesses must require them out of respect for the business owners. They have enough to contend with as it is. I’ll help them get through the Christmas shopping season and then it’s over.
I only put it on when I go in a store,
I only put one on when entering a business. Off as soon as Im at the door going out.
I only ware one when I have to.
I only wear a mask right before I enter the door of the establishment that requires one to enter.  I absolutely HATE wearing one (I have trouble breathing with one) and if it’s not required for entry, I will stop wearing one immediately!
I only wear a mask when I go to the grocery store other than that I do not wear on.  It is stupid and political and just another way to try to dominate the people of the USA to become a communist nation.  Do not believe the mask helps anything.
I only wear a mask when I need to go into a business requiring one.
I only wear a mask when it is required. In grocery store, other stores, going into the restaurants required before I sit down to take it off.
I only wear in stores or at Dr office
I only wear it if the owners required it.
I only wear it To access a store that I must access..  And I have been kicked out of many
I only wear it when a place of business requires it.
I only wear it when I absolutely have too
I only wear it when I go in a store where you have to wear it I am over this pandemic open up the country
I only wear it when the store requires it
I only wear my mask to go shopping.  Can’t get buy groceries otherwise.
I only wear now when mandated and forced upon me! Example when told I can’t enter an establishment without one! Otherwise I enter without a mask!
I ONLY wear one in medical facilities.
I only wear one in small businesses that have signs posted.  Out of respect for the owner, so that they stay open.  My medical professional has already told me that they don’t block the virus.
i only wear one in stores
I only wear one in stores I need to go into and have to.  I basically dont wear one unless that happens.
I only wear one inside a store that refuses service without one.  I grudgibgly put one on in that case. No other time.
I only wear one to enter a business that makes it mandatory.  I don’t want them to get in trouble.
I only wear one when entering a store that requires one.  It’s just a form form of control by the CCP.
I only wear one when I go into an establishment that requires one.
I only wear one when I grocery shop because it’s required–they won’t let me shop. Otherwise I don’t wear one.
I only wear one when it is required to enter an establishment I want to go into…
I only wear one when ordered to do so at my job
I only wear one when required.
I only wear one where it’s required to get in.
I only wear the mask if it is required at an office/establishment I have to enter.
I only wear the mask to my doctor appointments.
I only wear them going into grocery stores so mein fhurer doesn’t close the store down. I live in NM
I only wear them when it’s 100% required, but thankfully I live in FL so they don’t make too big of a stink about it
i rarely have worn it
I think enough is enough and when you can’t depend on what the experts say then it’s up to the individual. I personally am not in favor of continuing to force people to do something that they wouldn’t do any other tiem.
I think it’s a scam for control! I will not wear it unless I’m in a large crowd…and only because we have to.
I was thinking until I got the shot but now I am not sure if I will get the shot, because I have had the COVID-19
I wear it because of my age
I wear it only at work as I’m mandated to do. I’m ready for the damn things to be gone
I wear one if stores have a sign saying to wear face mask
I wear one only when I enter a store, that is only, I do not wear one when driving or outside in my yard. I really think it is a BOGUS demo-commie BULL-S**T ploy, a sick social experiment, all of their ploys to take out THE REAL POTUS D.J.THUMP has failed, to stop this, The shot callers need to be arrested and tried and convicted and sentenced, obama,clinton,soro,biden,harris,pelosi,schiff,nadler,swalwell,
I wear one when I know I will be around other people I don’t know.
i will comply until i have had the vaccine.  although i don’t see that they help any at all there is the chance i could be wrong.  i am an elder with a compromised immunity so i basically stay home anyway so i hardly ever wear one.
I will continue to wear one around people I know are susceptible to have other health issues if they contract Covid.
I will not wear one now!!
I will only wear a mask when around a crowd of people. Until I’ve gotten my vaccine
I will only wear one to stop Governor from blackmailing a small business into closure if I don’t wear it in the store.
I will wear a mask in order to attend church, shop and share my love for God in Religious education at church. BTW, why aren’t they talking about washing hands anymore?
I will wear a mask until it is mandated, then I will use civil disobedience and no longer wear one if I am forced to wear it.
I will wear them if required in a store but not anywhere else and if Biden gets in I refuse to wear one at all!
I will wear them ONLY if I have to…getting groceries or a store I need to enter.
I wore one for a little wie at the very beginning in March/April but have refused to wear one since. I use exemption badges. This Convid is BS!!
I’m 100% mask but with that being said, my wife has 2 or 3 underlining health conditions that make her susceptible to Covid. I wear one only because my wife asked me to and because I love her I do it. If it wasn’t for that I’d tell them where they could shove it
I’m 74 and I’m going to do what I feel best doing
i’m hit and miss….mainly wear one at costco
I’m sick of it now, but am required to wear one at work. So, I guess I have to if want to keep my job
I’ve one a mask once, to vote.
I’ve never worn a mask from the start.
If the store requires it ok.  I take it off when the store doesn’t.  I have to shop for groceries.
If you can smell food, the mask is useless, inhaling or exhaling!
In order to go shopping when thats the only way! not!
In stores, if required, until vaccine has been dispensed.
in the Spring of 2021 if not sooner
It depends. The only reason I wear it now is because the stores I work for my job require it. I feel that the masks are training grounds for other more invasive government controls.
It’s all in GOD Hands
It’s an irritant!  I’m 86, and rarely go out, but it’s hard for me to get my breath!
January 20
Just when I am out in stores.  Never outside
just where i have too to get things I need
Masking is the least of our problems!
Masks Proteckts against Backteria and Germs, Not against a Virus.!!
Maybe today
My hubby and son are immune-compromised so I must
My husband had a massive stroke I wear one too protect him
my job is important working with teens…its does me no harm to wear a mask at work…as long a the presidet wears one sometimes, I can do the same
My wife is very high risk! So I’ll keep wearing it!
Never have worn one.
No mask except to get groceries.
No more
Not long after the Democraps take over if they do.
Not much longer.
Not sure
Not sure
Not sure, but NOT FOREVER!!!!
Not sure, cancer surviver, parkinson’s and diabetic
Not sure.
Once the vaccine has been given to all who want it.
Online wear if I can’t enter a store or need to fly. Off as soon as possible!
ONLY 3-6 months max for me, more than that is crazy
Only around vulnerable people
Only as long as I go into a business that requires one
Only at medical places
Only establishments that require them
Only if a business requires one
Only if I go for Doctor visit & have no choice.
Only if I go into a store that requires me to have one otherwise never
Only in a crowed public place, I have Heart problems.
Only in crowded stores, because you have to
Only in public areas until I get the vaccine
Only in stores.
Only in the store
Only to board a commercial aircraft
Only to buy stuff cannot buy with out mask on to enter stores
Only to go in businesses.
Only wear a mask now where I have to, to get in
only wear it at Doctors or hospitals now
Only wear mask to appointments
Only wear now when it’s Required.
Only wear one work – work is mandatory but I refuse to wear one outside of my job
Only wear when forced.
Only when asked to
Only when going to store or they
Only when I am where Democrats are around , they are the mass spreaders of misinformation!
Only when I go to crowed places
Only when I have to wear one to go into a store
Only when I have to.
Only when in a public setting that it is required .  Other than that it’s not used.
Only when in public and it’s requested.
Only when necessary to get in a store I need to shop at.
Only when required
Only when required by the store or restaurant.
Only when someone is near me.
Only when the haircutters or store refuse to let me in! Otherwise I  won’t!
Only where one if asked to
Only where required in order to receive products needed to live, such as food.  I have no interest in pneumonia from wearing it all the time!
Only where required. Never voluntarily!!!
Out if courtesy to others I wear one in a store! Otherwise off it goes!
Panic attack, no mask
Rarely wear one now.  Still surprised when I go out that some people expects you to wear a mask.  Masks DO NOT stop the virus.  If it did,there would be no virus now!
Sick of it!  Ready to stop now!
That’s a good question… They are absolutely useless!  Guess I’ve just been a “good little drone”
Through this winter -thru March 2021
Til Cornovirus disappeared
Til my job says I don’t have to.
Til the end of February.
Till my birthday(may)
Till spring
To keep my job, I wear one 8 hrs
To protect my wife
Tough question! Fed up now! Mabey till Trump is ReElected!
Trump elected, it will all go away.
Unfortunately grocery and other stores won’t let you in without one.  Otherwise, I abstain.
Unfortunately, I work for Wal-Mart so I’ll wear one for as long as they make me
Unsure, I can’t imagine more than a couple more months.
Until a vaccine is taken by the people living in the US.and anyone entering the U.S. has taken the vaccine
Until after the Flu season only! Maybe by Spring time. Or earlier.
Until at least April.  I find it helps my breathing/lungs in cold temps.
Until case numbers are clearly much lower
Until Covid is under control
until end of 2020 had enough now
Until everyone that wants a vaccine gets one
until family members lose fear
Until Governor takes them out. I have to otherwise you are kick out
Until I am convinced it has just become a demand.
Until I don’t get fined for not wearing one
Until I feel it is safe to go without!
Until I feel like I don’t need one…I wear it for myself, not others.
Until I feel safe, I’ve a compromised immune system!
Until I get the vaccine.
Until I get vaccinated
Until I move out of communist Canada?
until I think its safe
Until it’s confirmed President Trump won the election.
until most of the populatioin is vaccinated
Until President Trump and his medical say its necessary
until President Trump and his medical staff tell me
Until President Trump is reinstated as President for 2021-2025 and Covid is debunked!
Until Saturday december 20th, big march on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal.
Until Spring 2021
Until Spring 2021
Until summer when vaccine is sufficiently distributed
Until Summer, then I am done.
Until the death rate in our area drops to a minimal level.  I believe the labs are reporting many, many false positives.
Until the end of winter
Until the governor says it’s no longer mandatory.
Until the stores allow us to enter without a mask
Until the vaccine starts to become readily available
Until Trump is inaugurated again in January.
Until Trump is inaugurated.
Until Trump says don’t worry about wearing a mask. If you choose to that is your choice but not demanded.
Until vaccinated
Until vaccinated
Until vaccine
Until vaccine is available no reason to wear one after I have vaccine.
Until, the Emporer calls it off..
Until.I get the vaccine
Using a plastic face mask only when needed, or required.
Waer one now as little as possible. Only when needed to enter a business that requires it
We all need to raise up and say hell no I am taking the demons lies no longer that lying news media and those demoncrats
wear one occasionally but not always
Wear them when needed in shops otherwise nope!
Wear to doctor’s appointments only
When 80% of Americans have received the vaccine
When forced
When I am ready!
When I feel it is safe!  After vaccine?  Been very sick, week lungs, so more risk!
when i get the shot,its gone
When I get vaccine
When it is okay to go to a store or business without one.
When my president stops.
When neccesary
When necessary., Hospitals, Dr. Offices.
When President Trump is shown the winner
When president Trump says no more!!!  God Bless our Great President
When the cases of covid start going down.
when there are enough of us that we cant be denied
When we do’t have to…..mandated where I live
When will store and retail businesses stop making me wear mask to enter
Whenever I can get into places without one.
Where I live, there is a mandatory mask order in all the businesses. You cannot go grocery shopping without one. I put a mask on at the door and take it off when I walk out the door.
Whether it helps or nit I’m subject to my daughter as I don’t want her angry with me. I obey the mandate but I forget to wear it at times. 😀😀
Worn only in buildings where it is required


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