Hypocrisy: Joe Biden Preaches Unity While His Dogs Rip Apart A Trump Toy


Joe Biden is a communist sellout many of you realize that but there are so many people blinded by the veil of political correctness so they’re are unable to see.

Here’s just one of the many examples that the far left’s rhetoric of peace and unity is just lip service.

A recent photo that was reportedly taken by Biden’s granddaughter shows Biden’s dog’s ripping apart a toy that resembles President Trump.

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The crazy part about it is that Biden has recently come out and said  Trump supporters “are not our enemies, they’re Americans,

this is the time to heal in America,”.

Breitbart News covered the hypocrisy and released these details:

The Instagram account “first_dogs_usa” posted several photos it claims Naomi Biden, Joe Biden’s granddaughter, took:

“I hope you’ll enjoy these pics of me, Champ & Charlie First Grandpupper,” the post read. @NaomiBiden took these during our #TugOfWar match. Champ was the champion – some names are predestined. Just like winning, in a landslide, by a record number of votes.”

The post included the hashtags “#ByeDon” and “#YoureFired”.

As Biden’s canines attempt to shred the incumbent president, Biden has called for “unity” after the disputed election.

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