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Joe Biden Is Exposing Himself To Massive Scandal Investigations By The Senate

The Biden Family Scandal is now widely known, it wont help his case if he ends up in office, and has to have members of his cabinet screened by the senate


By now it’s no secret to anybody,

Not even Fake News CNN!

Biden is a crook. 

His whole family represents the very same institutional corruption, that has become a hallmark of career politicans, and those closest to them. 

Now, if the alleged President-elect so happens to take office (in what would be the most pyrrhic victory I have ever seen) he is going to have to choose a cabinet. 

These cabinet appointments are contingent upon Senate screening, investigation, and approval. 

Many reporters and pundits point out, that these screenings are going to be the perfect lens through which GOP members of the senate can scrutinize Biden’s shady Chinese business dealings. 

Check it out: 

The Federalist had this to say: 

China, Ukraine, tax fraud, corruption, and federal investigations. After a year of partisan attacks and obfuscations, media smears and derision, and Big Tech censorship and de-platformings, this week the Hunter Biden protection chamber finally collapsed.

As reporting by The New York Post, The Daily Caller News Foundation, James Rosen, Tucker Carlson, The Federalist, and others continues to pile up, corroborated drip by drip, so too do the questions for both the incoming Biden administration and the former Obama administration. Fortunately for interested U.S. senators, the two administrations are stacking up to be virtually identical — and they just might get the chance to ask a few questions.

Among Joe Biden’s intended nominees are former White House Chief of Staff and Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough, up for Veterans Affairs; former Deputy National Security Councilor and Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken, up for State; and former Deputy National Security Advisor and Deputy Director of the CIA Avril Haines, up for director of national intelligence.

The Red State Observer had more details: 

Suddenly the Biden family federal investigation stories are coming out.

They were all there to be found before and we reported on them, but the mainstream media in the main didn’t just ignore, they actively suppressed them, with some even suggesting, ridiculously, that they were “Russian disinformation.”

But after trying to hide them for so long, Joe Biden may have just found a way to actually turn a big bright glaring spotlight on them so Americans can finally see all the ugly truth he’s been sitting on all this time. And he just might be inadvertently dragging his “best friend forever” back into the mix.


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