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78 Year Old Joe Biden Has Many Concerned, In What Appears To Be A Clear Cognitive Decline

Many have raised concerns over the 78 year old's cognitive misfiring, captured in many videos, press releases, and media appearances


Ladies and Gents, I am putting out the PSA: 

We have a zombie problem.  

Before you shelter in place and put boards on the windows though, you should know:

That its only one zombie. yes. just one. 

Problem is, well……that zombie is the alleged president elect of The United States. 

Since the start of the election Joe Biden has been in many media apperences where he seems to forget where he is, or organizes his sentences into a complete word salad

Things that make no sense semantically speaking, confusing his sister with his wife, forgetting the names of cabinet apointees, the list goes on, and it has many concerned, to say the least. 

Check it out: 

The Red State Observer had this to say: 

It’s been a while since I’ve written on Joe Biden turning into a mental dumpster fire for the cameras. That’s partly because he’s been mostly in hiding (even more so than usual) since the election. There’s also been a lot of other news out there to cover. But rest assured, Biden’s mental acuity has not been the recipient of a miraculous change. He’s still as incapable and obviously senile as he was during the campaign.

Case in point, today Biden gave a speech in which he appeared to be a dead man walking: At one point he announces Xavier Becerra for Health and Human Services head, except he is so far gone that he couldn’t get either one of those points correct. RedState’s streiff covered that earlier today (see Joe Biden Shows that 47 Years in Washington Doesn’t Protect You From Dementia).

Here’s something that should be expected. If you are going to nominate someone to a position in government (and to be clear, this is all symbolic right now because the election isn’t over yet), you should at least know their name and how to say it. You should also know what department you are nominating them too. Biden is incapable of tackling either one of those monumental challenges.

All of this would leave any normal human being wondering whether Biden actually did make these picks. Did he have any real say? Or are his surrogates and Kamala Harris just running the show fully now?

BU Today also reported on the actual medical hallmarks of dimentia:  

With the announcement Saturday, November 7, that Joe Biden had won the Electoral College, the nation has elected the oldest president in US history. At 77 (78 on November 20), Biden is the same age Ronald Reagan was when he finished his second term. It was hardly surprising that during the 2020 campaign, there were a few questions about Biden’s physical and mental fitness. That’s politics as usual. But should voters be worried about a president closer to 80 than 70?

What happens to the bodies of people in their 70s is readily apparent. But what happens to their brains can be harder to see. BU Today turned to Andrew Budson, a BU School of Medicine professor of neurology, chief of cognitive and behavioral neurology at the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System, and the author of Seven Steps to Managing Your Memory: What’s Normal, What’s Not, and What to Do About It (coauthored with Maureen K. O’Connor, a MED assistant professor of neurology). Budson was happy to talk about how aging affects memory and decision-making in older people, as long as it’s clear he is not referring specifically to the next president.


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