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Kat Kerr at Hank Kunneman’s Church: “It will start with a phone call and then the landslide will come quickly for Trump!”


If you’ve been following the videos I’ve been posting from Hank Kunneman, you know Kat Kerr was set to speak at his church last weekend and he said to expect fireworks in the fight against election fraud.

He said he expected something would shift on that day.

And I feel it has.

Have you been noticing how suddenly the media isn’t laughing anymore?

Isn’t scoffing so much anymore?

Have you noticed they’re starting to look a whole lot more nervous?

You see, America didn’t buy their story.

We didn’t buy the steal.

And now we’re presenting evidence by the mountain-loads.

Tons and tons of evidence of all kinds of fraud, from paper to electronic to late ballots, fake ballots, ballots shipped in from other states, ballots coming from China, you name it!

So I was really excited to listen to Kat Kerr at Hank Kunneman’s church and she did not disappoint!

Now I’ll warn you she might be little far out there for some of you, but that’s ok to push your boundaries a little bit.

In the video below, she talks about how Trump not only WILL win, he has already won.

She joins all the other prophets in continuing to echo that claim and not backing down one bit.

And then she gave some more details…

She said a landslide wave is coming for Trump.

Have you ever seen a landslide?

It starts slow and then all of a sudden when it hits critical mass it just comes crashing down.

She said that landslide is coming soon and that it will start with a phone call.

There will be some very important phone call that will become famous (is it some high up member of the Deep State ratting on everyone else?) and then that will tip off the avalanche.

And after the avalanche, there will be no stopping it.

Even the most hardcore Democrat American will be unable to look at this and conclude anything other than Trump won.

So please, I know it’s long, but please watch this whole thing:

That was actually Part II.

This is Part 1 and it’s equally good if you want more:

And then here is Hank Kunneman who was there and had this to say before Kat spoke.

This is so good.

I keep telling you, this is prophetic worship, where we fight in the spiritual realm.

Join with us:

The victory is coming soon folks.

Hang in there.



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