OUCH! Antifa Learns the Hard Way to Never Harass Trump Supporters!


No one ever claimed that Antifa members were that “bright.”


These wise guys attempted to shut down a Trump rally in Olympia.

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And it backfired… big time.

To be clear:

The Trump voters at the rally did NOT initiate any violence.

It wasn’t until Antifa attempted to disrupted the peaceful protest that Trump voters began defending themselves.

Based on all the video evidence, it was clearly self defense.


Antifa lost big time.

Take a look at some of the video now going viral:

And Joe Biden and his Democrat minions want to claim that Antifa is just an “idea.”


If Antifa is just an idea, then why have we seen multiple videos like this?

And why is it that Antifa only seems to target Trump supporters?

Shore News is reporting that shots were even fired as violence broke out:

Police in the state capital of Olympia tonight reported gun shots were fired as large groups of opposing protesters battled each other in the streets. Trump party loyalists rallying for President Donald J. Trump were met with resistance by Antifa and BLM counterprotesters today. By 7pm, police said the groups had begun to disperse, but not before shots were fired. Olympia police reported that one person was charged with felony assault and an additional reckless endangerment charge has been filed against a suspect.

“We did make an arrest for a subject that appeared to fire at least one round from a handgun into the opposing crowd. Any witnesses to that crime should contact @OlyPD through the 911 system,” the department said in a statement obtained tonight by Shore News. “we do have a person in custody for the shooting and detectives investigating. We have evidence but would very much like to speak to those present, especially the person who looks to have been injured.”

The gun shooting incident was caught on video.

See below.

Trump supporters were there to “Back the Blue.”

The rally was meant to show support for both President Trump and law enforcement.

And then… Antifa showed up.

The Blaze has a few more details:

There were violent clashes in Washington’s capital on Saturday during a “Back the Blue” rally when black bloc anarchists held their own counterprotest.

The Olympia Police Department released a notice: “Large group of opposing protesters started near the Capitol and are now moving through downtown Olympia. Near City Hall. The groups have dispersed into smaller groups and are moving throughout the area. Officers are monitoring to ensure things are peaceful from here forward.”

The black bloc anarchists held their own event titled “Squash Fascists.” The two groups baited each other throughout the day, as seen in footage from photojournalist Independent Media PDX. The black bloc members burned American flags and the “Back the Blue” supporters retaliated by burning a black umbrella, which many Antifa members carry to conceal their identities.

The Olympia Police Department said the groups “have largely dispersed.” The department said, “An arrest was made for two counts of felony assault. An additional charge may be referred for reckless endangerment as well.”

“We did make an arrest for a subject that appeared to fire at least one round from a handgun into the opposing crowd,” the police tweeted. “Any witnesses to that crime should contact @OlyPD through the 911 system.”

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Things clearly went badly for Antifa.

Perhaps they should think twice before trying to enact violence upon others!

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