WATCH As Witness In Michigan Explains How She Was Instructed to Backdate Absentee Ballots!


The eyewitness whistleblowers are coming forward.

All across the country!

In all 5 disputed swing states!

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Hundreds of them, if not thousands!

Oh, and these are real eyewitness testimony whistleblowers, not the “hearsay fake whistleblowers” that the Media slobbered all over in the impeachment hearings.

Do you know the difference?

An eyewitness testifies about what THEY actually saw or heard.

A “hearsay whistleblower” is a term I had never even heard of before because it really doesn’t exist.

It’s a person saying “I heard someone else saw or heard this.”

It’s completely bogus.

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Well, this is the real deal folks.


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