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Biden Seems To Have No Plan, Says People Should “Wear A Mask For 100 Days”

Many are questioning Biden's proposed policies and rhetoric concerning Covid-19, and how to handle the pandemic going forward


Folks let me ask you something 

Have most people been wearing masks these last three months? 

Where I am, I can definetly answer “Yes” and I am guessing that you can too. 

In fact, most people, from what I can tell have been wearing masks since the start of the pandemic. 

So what makes Biden’s proposal that people wear maks for the first 100 days of his administration so revolutionary? 

Absolutely nothing. 

Check it out: 

The Red State Observer came through with the details: 

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris went on CNN last night (or it at least aired last night) for what was a total tongue bathing by figures like Jake Tapper. Biden, for his part, received one semi-tough question throughout the entire evening. That centered on his son Hunter and if he’d allow any conflicts of interests via business dealings. Biden said no and that was that. Isn’t it great that the media refused to ask that question prior to the election? Really gives you faith in their objectivity, right?

Is Joe Biden living on the same planet we all inhabit? Because mask mandates are in effect across the entirety of the country save for a few states, and even in those states, mask-wearing is largely mandated by localities. To assert, at this point, that masks are going to do anything “considerably” is just anti-science, faux religiosity. The spike we are currently in (and the rest of the world is currently in) happened during the most masked up point of the pandemic. The idea that masks aren’t being worn at a high rate is simply not born out by reality. Despite their prevalence, masks appear to be doing little to curb the spread.

Breitbart also had this to say: 

Facing the prospect of a Republican-controlled Senate, former Vice President Joe Biden’s team is exploring the possibility of tying climate change legislation to economic relief efforts related to the novel coronavirus, according to a report.

Biden, who campaigned for the White House promising to be the most progressive president since FDR, is now facing the reality that at least the first two years of his term may be under a divided government. As such, Biden’s transition team is planning ways in which they can both work with Republicans and circumvent them if necessary.

One of the areas that Biden is eyeing is legislation to address both the economic and public health aspects of the novel coronavirus pandemic. According to the Associated Press, the former vice president’s team is hoping to use coronavirus stimulus talks as leverage to secure passage of climate change proposals that would otherwise be anathema to Republicans.

“People close to Biden’s transition team say they’re looking at that stimulus as a potential avenue for enacting some climate reforms — like aid for green jobs or moving the nation toward a carbon-free energy system — that might be tougher to get on their own,” the outlet noted Friday.

Masks for 100 days? Climate change reform as part of the corona virus stimulus bill? 

In what universe does any of this make sense? 


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