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New Witness Says All Military Ballots Looked Like Xerox Copies, NONE For Trump


The story keeps getting more and more convoluted, doesn’t it?

First they want you to believe Biden got more votes than Obama in 2008.

Then they want you to believe Republicans won almost everything all over the country, EXCEPT the most popular Republican (Trump) lost in his race.

Now they want you to believe a bunch of ballots that look like Xerox copies came in and not a single one was for Trump!

The rank-and-file military LOVES our President just like the rest of America does.

No way this is possible.

Take a look:

And from Dan Bongino:

Another HUGE story for the media to ignore 👇

— Dan Bongino Dbongino Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Watch the full video here:

From the Gateway Pundit:

The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Tuesday held a hearing in Lansing on election fraud and irregularities.

President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden in Michigan on election night when all of a sudden they stopped counting votes.

One witness on Tuesday said all of the military ballots she saw looked like “Xerox copies” of each other – none were registered Michigan voters and 100% went for Joe Biden.

The witness, Patty, described how elections officials overrode the system to enter non-registered voters – all for Joe Biden.

“Not one of the military ballots was a registered voter and the ballots looked like they were all exactly the same Xerox copies of the ballot – they were all for Biden across the board, there wasn’t a single Trump vote and none of the voters were registered, “witness Patty said. “They had to manually enter the names, addresses, enter birthdate of 1/1/2020 which would override the system and allow them to enter non-registered voters of which I saw several that day, throughout the day, that’s how they would override voters that were neither in the electronic poll book or in the supplemental updated poll book.”


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