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Major Patriot: NY Business Owner SHREDS Gov. Cuomo, Rips Up His Citation Live On-Air!


This guy is my new hero!

Let me let you in on a little secret…..

If 74 million of us unite and all do the same thing and rise up together, THEY CAN’T STOP US!

God bless this man!

From the Washington Examiner:

A New York business owner and retired Marine ripped up a $15,000 fine he received from the health department after hosting a small protest with business owners amid coronavirus closures.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz “don’t have the guts to answer why they get to draw a $225,000 salary, for Gov. Cuomo, and for Poloncarz is $103,000 salary, but the working man and woman doesn’t get to earn. They get to take our money, but we don’t get to earn. They don’t have the guts to tell us that,” Athletes Unleashed Gym owner Robby Dinero said right before he ripped up the fine during a segment with Fox News’s Sandra Smith on Tuesday.

“I posted on Facebook Friday night that I wanted to get together, business owners, and protest and fight the lockdown that I feel is infringing upon our freedom. They showed up Friday night. We were about 20 minutes into that meeting when some sheriffs and the department of health official showed up, uninvited. My business was closed, we were not conducting business. This was a protest,” Dinero said during the interview before ripping up the fine.

A video of the gathering went viral Saturday, showing a health inspector and three police officers being turned away by the crowd of small business owners near Buffalo.

The COVID-19 restrictions in every state
“We will not comply!” the business owners and their supporters can be heard chanting in the video.

“I’m asking for you guys to have some compassion,” one man says to the health inspector, “for the people that have lost everything.”

“A couple of the patriots that were here with me said, ‘Hey, Robby, there are some sheriffs here, department of health officials. What you want us to do?’ And I said, ‘Get them to leave.’ And, well, the video speaks for itself,” Dinero recounted during his interview on Fox News.


“Those patriots took it upon themselves to stand shoulder to shoulder and told them to get out. And we were right because if we were wrong, they would’ve called for backup and come back, but they didn’t, they left,” he added, saying his business is closed.

“I was here after hours, and the sheriffs came again, escorting a department of health official. I told them to get off my property. I told them that there are procedures they need to follow. This is after hours, and they have no right to be on my property without a warrant. I told him to come back. He said he wanted to deliver this piece of paper in an envelope. I said nope, call, make an appointment. It’s after hours, you can call and make an appointment. He taped it to the door, I finished kicking them off my property, and I opened it up, and it is a fine for $15,000,” he continued.

“Any infringement on liberty goes too far. We were born with inalienable rights bestowed upon us by our creator. They are guaranteed by the Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights. The 1st through 14th Amendments, specifically. Any infringement on our freedom for any reason is too far. Our freedom cannot end where people’s fear starts,” he added.

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw posted a GoFundMe page for Dinero on Tuesday to “help him fight” the fine.

“Poloncarz’s Health Dept fined Marine, war veteran & business owner Robby Dinero $15,000,” he wrote. “Kicked them out of his gym. Video went viral. Sparked the resistance against tyrannical politicians. Please share our GoFundMe. Help him fight against this $15K fine.”


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