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Attorney Sidney Powell: “We Have Pictures Of Checking Stubs Paid To People To Do Fraudulent Voting”

The attorney claims to have direct evidence of voter fraud, and alleges that the number of fraudulent votes for Biden are around 10 million votes


You read that right folks!

10 MILLION fradulent votes.

Which surprise, surprise went to Sleepy Joe Biden, and his right hand crony Kamala Harris. 

Attorney Sidney Powell is bringing the heat, as she releases the Kraken, and other associated evidence as it continues to surface. 

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Looks like there is evidence after all. 

Check it out: 

The Gateway Pundit had the story here: 

It’s Happening — The Trump Campaign’s legal team is going to prove massive fraud in this year’s election.

Attorney Sidney Powell went on with Howie Carr recently and told the legendary radio host, “We’ve got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest.”

Of course ballot harvesting is an illegal practice where Democrats and Marxists manufacture ballots in bulk to steal elections.
Ballot harvesting is illegal in all states except for California — because it’s California.

DJHJ Media also had a breakdown of Sidney Powell Kraken lawsuits: 

An excellent summary of the next leg of the “Kraken” is the suit filed in Georgia which is a blistering takedown of Georgia Government, including of Republican Brian Kemp, whose alleged betrayal of President Donald J. Trump who campaigned hard for him in his own election is painful, yet Powell makes that case that Kemp was a large part of the plan to point the election toward Biden.

One Court watcher posted an opinion that made a lot of sense, “The Georgia lawsuit was shockingly mild on attacks against Dominion. Yes, they were mentioned 58 times in the suit, but the focus was on lower-hanging fruit. Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger, and the election board clearly broke laws, cut deals, and tried to cover it all up.

The Georgia lawsuit, which may end up being combined with @LLinWood‘s suit (currently heading towards the appellate court) in SCOTUS should be a slam dunk to reverse the necessary 12,000 votes. Combined they could reverse 6-digits and make Georgia a Trump landslide.


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